40 weeks | Two days

We have a stubborn little girl on our hands {I am well aware it’s normal to be over due, especially with you first}. My mom was TEN days late with me so looks like I am following her footsteps. Ugh!

We have been taking long brisk walks everyday, about 45 min. That walk pretty much does it for me — I am so exhausted after. Today I was more horizontal then vertical {I felt guilty laying around all day but I plan to do it again tomorrow if I am not having this baby).

I FINALLY found red leaf raspberry tea and have been drinking 3-4 cups a day. There is confusion regarding this tea. It will NOT induce however it does help tone the uterus which will help in the 2nd stage of labor when contracting and pushing. Hopefully this helps get through a little easier.

I have been eating spicy food but I think that is truly a myth and I refuse to drink castor oil. I have tried several other natural induction methods but nothing seems to strike her fancy. She will come when she wants to.

I am already dreading Mondays work day. Blah !!!!!

It would be awesome if she came tomorrow on our wedding anniversary (one year) !

I am a little jealous BUT extremely happy for all of my blogging families – as they have mostly had their babies and all so adorable. I show my husband all the photos that get posted! We are eager to be where they are 😉



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