Samantha | Eleven Months 


This photo shoot says it all. She is one active girl and into EVERYTHING she sees! 

This month she has …

– mastered clapping. 

– started high fiving 

– clapping her hand and / or finger to her mouth to make noise                                         

– blowing kisses 

– eating 100% people food (no purées)

– drinking whole milk

– having tantrums 

We had another ear infection. Really fustrating. I started researching chinese medicine – and think I may dabble in that the next time I see her have symptoms. Just to see .. 

Samantha enjoyed her first easter. 


Samantha loves drinking out of straws 


I don’t think I mentioned this back in January but Sams NY resolution was her paci. I took them away cold turkey , no weaning, and it worked. 

Samantha has 6 teeth. She has been bitten three times at daycare by ‘friends’ and has not bitten anyone. The teacher was terrified to tell me and all I did was laugh out loud. How can I be mad at a little one year old ? 

I can’t believe she will be one ! Time flies! 


Samantha | Ten Months 

 As you can see above, we are on the go these days!  She is a busy body and wants to investigate everything. 

At her last well visit, she measured 29 inches long and weighed 22lbs 1.5 oz. For all you people that have called my little chubby, fluffy or big… You were kind of right (ha!), but that doesn’t open the door for me to accept your nick names. The pediatrician said she is probably going to be a tall girl 😉 fine by me, she will need it for volleyball ! 

Her eyes are green and I LOVE them. The upper 4 teeth are finally coming in, making it 6 total teeth. I’m a fan of the amber necklace! I haven’t had any problems with teething (so far). I have also started brushing her teeth.

Sam has started letting go and standing on her own with MAYBE a step or two. She is content with crawling. 

Other than teeth and trying to walk, there isn’t too much.

She wears anything from 6-9months to 12 months. Her hair is getting thicker and the smiles keep coming ! 

I love her to the moon and back 😉 


Last night I had the dream that NO mom (or any parent) wants to have. I rarely have nightmares but this was one of a kind.

It seemed like the longest dream ever. I kept waking myself up by screaming or moaning out loud. By the end of the dream, I was so hot, sweaty and screamed really loud I woke myself and the dogs. I looked at the clock and it was minutes from the alarm going off so I just stayed awake. I was to uncomfortable to go back asleep afraid I would go back the that dark place again. 

Really all I wanted to do any how was go get Samantha and lay with her until it was time to get ready. So that’s what I did! 

Samantha | Nine Months





I have delayed Sam’s eight and nine month update long enough. Sorry 😉

We have two teeth. Two very sharp teeth. They erupted sometime between 7 and 8 months. I’m patiently waiting on 18 other teeth…c’mon already ..

Now that we have those, Sam is able to eat more solid foods. I give her bits and pieces of things I eat. She loves raisins 😉

Around 8 months she started holding onto things and walking. She will go around and around a table until I remove her. She tests herself by letting go. She will stand for a few seconds but purposely falls to her butt.

She loves her crib. When it’s bed time, I lay her on her stomach and she is good to go. At times, I hear her moving around, but she eventually falls asleep with no fussing. Don’t get me wrong,
We do have those moments where she just doesn’t want to go to sleep, and she screams until she goes to sleep… It’s rare, but it happens.

Her estimated weight is about 22lbs.

Sam has mastered the high five and clapping her hands.

She loves playing head butt.

She throws a fit when I sit down for dinner or when others are eating. Coordinating our dinners is just hard.


Sam is wearing 9 months and some 12 month clothes. She is in size three diapers, drinks formula and water. I tried diluted Apple juice and she did not like it. I’m fine with that.

The girl finally has some hair… still not
much but it’s something. Her eyes are green and oh so pretty 😉

I experienced her first fever of 103.3. She was very quiet and lethargic. She just wanted to lay there. No symptoms except a runny nose. Per the pediatrician, Tylenol was the only thing that could help and there was no reason for a visit unless it reached 105.0 (a little out of my comfort zone).

Those are the major things I can remember 😉 Hopefully I did not miss much!

Momma madness

We all have our llittle quarks and I’m about to tell you about one of mine !

I have mentioned this once or twice in a few post but I hate it when people call Samantha chubby, fluffy, big girl.. You get the point

On Saturday I was at a function and someone came up to sam, pinched her cheeks and repeatedly said ‘chunky baby, such a cute chunky baby’.


While I was watching this go on, my level of anger was rising quickly. I even started packing the diaper bag up to leave .

Conveniently, when I was telling Don it was time to go, a piece of cake was shoved in front of me. Ironic ? It shut me up enough to calm down and enjoy the rest of the event.

I really do hate it when people call sam names that refer to her weight and size. I’m not one of those people who think it’s cute.

Sam is a longer baby than most her age BUT she is not over weight , chubby, fluffy whatever the hell you wanna call it.

I’m sorry that your jealous of those cute little cheeks 😉

Happy Tuesday

Baby Blues

This morning I have been packing up Samantha’s cloths she no longer fits (3-6 months / 6 months). It makes me a bit sad, maybe because she is growing so quickly.

We all understand babies can’t stay a baby forever and I actually look forward to her growing. When I get to work on patients ages 2-4 it makes me wish she would grow quicker, but I also really enjoy her age now – she shows so much love towards me and her dad. I recently said ‘I love that you need me little girl.’ I meant that to the bottom of my heart. I love when she throws her hands up wanting me to pick her up, I love when she leans her head on my shoulder for comfort and I love that just loving on her can make he go from upset to happy!

She has been such a great addition to my life and I find myself question wether I would want another one. I would never want to show her any less love than I do now.

Does any other first time moms have these emotions at all ?

Happy friYAY 😉

Samantha | Eight Months

We’re days away from Sam being 9 months and I haven’t even written her 8 month post yet.

I’ve been so busy lately. I am even typing this via my phone at red lights on the way to daycare.

Here are 8 month photos that were quickly taken before she had a chance to throw a fit.

More coming during 9 month post 😉