Phase 2 of Training

Phase 2 also known as balanced training started this week. 

During balanced training I will run 154.5 miles over 32 runs. This phase mixes fast paces and extended distances, creating a well rounded set of endurance and speed exercises to prime my body for the more focused phases later in my training. 

Mileage per run will range from 3 miles to 8.5 miles in this phase. The distance piles on quick too . Yikes ! 

So far, I have missed one run because I had a little to much fun the day before and decided to be lazy … Oops! Since then, I have realized how important this has become to me and that this  is a priority of mine. In order to be successful, I need to take care of my body to get through long runs. 

My routine is fairly simple. I run in the mornings. I’ve been getting up around 5 am for my 3 – 4.5 mile runs. Now that they will be extended, I will get up earlier. The heat and humidity here in central Florida is brutal! I did run in the afternoon last week and it was killer. 

Unfortunately, I have started to have left and right pinched siatic nerves. If you have ever had that while running its excruciating and continuing a run makes it worse. For the first time ever, I had to be picked up in the middle of my run. I thankfully had a chiropractor appt which helped a lot and should continue helping ! 

For the first time ever, I am actually starting to see physical benefits on my body from running ! It makes me want to keep going 😉 As far as my diet goes, I do eat what I want and I cannot continue doing that . An on going evaluation of what I eat is taking place and what I should do and not do.  So serious … Haha. I drink lots of water, anywhere from 1-3 liters ! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend . Happy Fathers Day !


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