39 weeks | Three days

Not much has changed ! I am actually kind of glad we didn’t have Samantha today. I thought it would be great for her to be born on Easter but 4/20 ? Yeh I ll take another few days of pregnancy before having that as a birthday.

Today we just kept busy to keep our minds off what’s to come. We spruced up the back patio by adding another sitting area. We love to entertain during the warmer months year around so there are always seats needed 😉


We also started a new netflix series called Orange is the new black. Not to bad!

I have noticed less movement today. Could he another sign of labor process beginning, but is also nerve racking. My belly button may or may not be an innie any longer – I will share at my 40week bUmpdate.

I was supposed to head to church last night however , that did not happen nor did I make the two morning services. Finally I showered and had a dress montage to see what few dresses I had would fit (if any). The one Easter looking dress I had was the only one the ‘fit’ and it was slightly uncomfortable. Don called my belly ‘my little Easter egg’. Sam and I made to it the evening service, phew.


Church was great but I seemed to get emotional. Was it because I am pregnant or to see the handful of people choose to become children of
God? Perhaps both ? Do you remember your spiritual birthday? I do… January 22, 1997.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter ! 4 days until Samantha’s due date.



Where She Will Lay

I have had a lot of fun doing her nursery. One of the first household projects I have loved working on. I was so excited, that her nursery is almost done minus a few details and I will be sharing her room today 🙂 Her room is { in my opinion } awesome ! It it the best room in the house and with professional photos I feel could be in a magazine hehe ! I really wish I had this taste when decorating our bed room.

The nursery is a very very small room, but how much do you REALLY need for a new born and even a toddler? This is what the room looked like when we moved into our house in 2011.


The first thing we decided to do was take up the carpet and do any painting we needed. We had already decided that we were going to be laying down a laminate flooring to help eliminate dog hair in the babies room. First the painting was going to take place. I am not a huge pink person or any ‘baby’ color for that matter so I already had in mind the nursery was going to stay neutral. Neutral is easy and can stay the same for a while. I decided to make an accent wall to add personality to the room. I was not sure if I was going to do wall paper, or deal with a stencil. I truly dislike tedious work because my career is VERY tedious, I don’t need any more of it in my life. In the long run, using a stencil was the best decision for us, so I found my favorite stencil and painted away. My husband helped with placement and I did the painting. It turned out great and I LOVE IT !

The floors also turned out nice. we ripped out the carpet and placed them ourselves. Much easier than I thought. When we were picking them out I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but they went with the furniture, the wall paint and the price was great. Once we laid them down and finished, I was very happy with them.


The furniture arrived just as we finished the floors. Perfect timing ! We put each piece together ourselves. It was time consuming and slightly aggravating but in the end, it turned out great. Here is a ‘tour’ { HA! } of her room with the furniture. IMG_0968

Still awaiting on a small accent table to come in. The lamp was purchased awhile ago but it is just another perfect piece to the room !



Small but GREAT…. I am so happy with how things turned out. Now I am just anxious to get the decorations and details. Our color accent is a VERY light pink. I have ordered a monogram { I am obsessed with monograms } for above the dresser / changing table. I am a huge fan of etsy and I have actually ordered a few monograms through this etsy shop called League of Letters. While the shipping does take a lengthy bit of time { which you are warned about in the purchasing process } the work is great . It will look a little something like this . . . EXCEPT with her initials which are S. L. G.


I am also waiting on her quilt for her bed. We did not go with the traditional ‘bed in the bag’ for her nursery. I am doing a sheet and a quilt and that’s it. Simple ! The quilt was also purchased on etsy through a shop called Designs by Daffy. 


I am so happy with how things are turning out and can only hope the rest of the nursery falls into place when Baby S arrives.

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend !

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Kitchen Re-do

Woah – have I been MIA lately or what ! Life is just busy and I definitely have had more important things to do then to TRY entertain you with a blog post ;0) I would rather write a post of substance rather then stuff you really don’t care about !

I think my last post was a Wordless Wednesday post regarding what we have been up to around the house … If you haven’t seen that post , your about to find out ! This house we bought has original everything ! Particularly the kitchen … It’s just a small galley style kitchen .. It’s okay , I am not in love with it however it serves the purpose it is supposed to and that’s all I need for my first home. Since we have started taking a liking to making this house ours,  when I mean ours , I’m not talking financially , I am talking personality, We decided to start on the kitchen !

Counter tops are everything in a kitchen as well as the cabinets . They also can come with a hefty price tag! Both of us agreed we did not want to put thousands of dollars into this home so we did minimal updates. We took the original cabinets and added hardware just to give them a little face life ! We extended one of our counters by adding In wine fridge into the cabinets. We definitely needed extra counter space. The biggest change was the granite counter tops and a new sink with hardware !

We had some issues with the installation and plumbing so we were with out water for a few days. Washing dishes outside brings a whole new perspective to things . Blehhhh

After all, it turned out nice and happy with the way things look ! We are still in the process of tiling our back splash but will be done with that very soon ! I can’t wait to host my first thanksgiving !




Even though this is not the final sink picture, you still get the point ;0)


Happy Wednesday!!!!

Life Lately

I have been to lazy to cook anything new lately ! I really need to get on the ball . Not to sure about you , but I get REAL bored eating the same ole’ stuff week to week ! Maybe I will be up to cooking something new soon enough !

Don and I have been talking about getting a new addition for our family pretty soon … & no not a baby ( soon enough though !!! ) Lola needs a friend! I can’t even fathom another German shepherd in this house … Oh my goodness ALL THE HAIR !! But don and I both agree that would be the perfect dog to get however we have discussed other options such as a labradoodle or a standard poodle ! Both have the same qualities of a GSD except they don’t shed or they shed ALOT less ! I am worried if we get a standard poodle we wouldn’t stay on top of the maintenance they require ! Any thoughts ?

We have started updating our kitchen ! Friday our granite countertops will be installed and I. Can’t. Wait. We currently have horrible looking laminate tops that weren’t taken care of prior to us buying this home ! We also have decided to expand the countertop space by adding in a built in wine fridge! Yippee !! We aren’t doing much with cabinets except adding some hardware ! This will be a post with in itself SOON !

This morning I got a text message from don regarding tile in our bathroom! Uh-oh ! We have a walk in shower and the floor tile has started to come off ! We are SUPER paranoid that we have a leak .. Not to mention this bathroom
Is directly above the kitchen ! Another home project coming our way …quickly !!!

Just yesterday , we had 9 months to go until our wedding and now it’s only 6 months away ! Woah does time fly ! Soon we will be stuffing envelopes and sending out invitations ! I have registered at all the places I wanted to ( BBB, Macy’s, William-Sonoma, crate & barrel and lastly… pottery barn ). Registering was fun at first but became very exhausting !

I have not blogged about my running lately but yes I am still running ! I have stayed at running two miles for a long time but recently got the urge to lengthen my run! This is kind of weird but, I felt like my muscles were almost begging me to run longer ! Weird , I know but apparently it’s a common feeling for runners ! I have started running 4 miles ! ;0)

Happy Wednesday !!!

Its the little things. . .

Having your own home is WONDERFUL … but until you actually own a home you really never thing about the little things. I have lived in our home for about a year and never really noticed that the blinds on the front of the house didnt match. All of a sudden within the last week, It has really been bugging me.

Yesterday when I got off work, we went to the store and purchased MATCHING blinds… Woo-hoo! Never thought I would be so excited about that. But wait . . . there is another delimma. Because the original wood blinds have probably been on the window for some time now, the sun has gotten to them. The new blinds are richer in color and we will just have to wait for time to take its toll on them. Good thing the sun hits the front of the house the most! sorry for the picutre, the sun was rising in the back ground. you still get the point !

Yay for new blinds. In addition to that little annoyance, I have also began to really hate all the light switches, the doors, and the bi-folds around the house. We have started to replace all the switches and plugs to a ‘rocker’ style switch instead of the ole’ toggle switch. Not to mention this is some what of a dangerous DIY job !

I look forward to replacing the ALL the doors in the house NEXT ! What are your home improvements ?

Happy Weekend !!!!