Thankful Thursday

I am incredibly thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY ! The past few days have been very hard at work! I don’t know what it is but my patients have been so hard … No cleaning in 5 years, smokers Lungs, alcohol breath, periodontal disease and TONS of bleeding ! This makes my job incredibly hard and stressful ! Today I was working on a patient and the calculus ( aka tartar to the public) was tough and very deep under the gums . After a patient like this, I am exhausted! I could have brought the patient back for a second cleaning but I didnt . . . The cleaning was so tough I broke and instrument as
I was cleaning ! Aghh… My heart started beating very quickly … I probably went into A-fib … It happens .. Just so happens it was my first time experiencing it .. Not uncommon especially with older instruments ! My patient quickly laughed and said ” I must be given you a work out ” …

Thank God Tomorrow is Friday!