Samantha | Three Months


This munchkin is growing like a weed and a lot of exciting milestones have happened this month.

Samantha has been smiling ALOT.
It’s the cutest. thing. ever. Just when you expect a little giggle to come out she just keeps smiling and smiling and smiling.

When doing tummy time she makes her way to her back by doing a sideways push up forcing a roll over. We are no where close to rolling back on to the stomach, ha!

She almost has full head control but still slight droopy. We started using her bumbo seat allowing her to sit up. She definitely prefers to be upright vs laying down.

She has discovered her hands. She plays a lot with her hands, feels different things and puts them in her mouth.

She follows things with her eyes ( left, right, up and down). Textures and patterns catch her interest. The little mice on her feet kept her occupied and couldn’t get a better picture for her three month shoot (see above).

The girl drools more than a Blood Hound and a St. Bernard combined ( kidding, kidding ). Is she teething already!?

She got her first necklace (unpolished raw amber), specifically for teething reasons…but it’s a little to big and I’m not risking my baby girl choking herself or on them. We will wait.

Mommy gave baby her first boo-boo by cutting her nail…but not her nail. Ekk, pDon’t judge.

Baby girl went swimming and didn’t cry! Wah-hoo

Enjoyed her first Fourth of July and slept right under the fireworks, didn’t budge once.

She wears 0-3 and 3 months cloths.
Size 1-2 diapers.
Loves to be swaddled at night.
Drinks 5 oz about every three hours.

….and just when you thought those smiles would lead to a giggle THEY DID. Baby giggles are so fun and adorable.

Love being a mom to this 3 month old




Today was my first day back to work. It was also Samantha’s first day at daycare (I like to call it school – just makes me feel better). I started getting questioned by friends and family last week about how I was feeling about going back to work and having someone else take care of Sam. Reality for me, even at the beginning of pregnancy, was for me to be a working mom. Never was it discussed for me to being a stay at home mom, and part of that was a decision on my own. When I replied to people asking me about my feelings, I got some puzzling responses. I was ready to get back to work. Of course, there is nothing better than snuggling and being close to my baby however, I wanted to get my family into a ‘routine’ where we could get on with our lives, make sense? I also was getting stir crazy sitting around the house the last week or two.

So how did it go?

My first day back working was great. I started fresh at a new job which I found to be awesome. I am hoping it stays that way. The office I am working at is all kiddos and is very busy. The staff is young and seems very friendly (complete opposite of my last job). The dentist is easy going and fun.

Samantha also had a great day according to the instructors (is that what they are called)? She rarely cried, ate when she wanted, did her business when she wanted and supplied lots of smiles for everyone to awe over. I let Don drop her off so I could focus on getting to my new job. I didn’t cry at all. During the few moments I had today, I did get a little anxious but I had new stuff to learn to ease my mind of that.

Today it was back to reality. Today was GREAT, better than I expected ! …. but I am tired !



Postpartum update

I am 5 weeks postpartum this week. The beginning was tough. Handling a newborn, caring for my third degree perineum tear, trying to figure out breast feeding and all of the normal daily life routines, it was definitely a lot
to juggle. As time passes, things have become easier. I am eager to get a routine back although that requires me to go back to work and put my snug bug in daycare ..::sigh::..

Handling a newborn

Some new moms and dads may disagree, but I don’t find it as hard as what people make it seem. A lot of people truly try and scare you about having a child or at least that’s what it seems. Yes, when you can’t get a screaming newborn to calm down it’s frustrating and heartbreaking but it’s not the end of the world and whether it’s 2 min or 2 hours it will end. I’ll be honest here, I have found myself
comparing a newborn to a puppy, atleast your newborn isn’t running around pooping everywhere. It’s all contained right in your arms (and sometimes on you). I’ll let you know If I still feel this way down the road.

Caring for my third degree tear

My battle wound. The first two weeks were brutal. Not. Gonna. Lie. A tear from the front to the back (if you didn’t already know) is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I almost find it worst the having a c-section, but can’t honestly compare because I haven’t had a c-section. I had to take stool softeners daily, stick to a soft diet, use a peri-bottle after every bathroom use and take/apply medications as needed. More stuff I had to do on top of loving on my newborn. It sucked. I looked at it ALOT, wondering if it would heal quick and look normal. Hey! I even offered to show some of my best pals my battle wound – but I had no takers! My husband even flinched when I asked him to look. It’s healing and has a lot more healing to do but doesn’t require the high maintenance care it did before!

Breast feeding

If you read my prior post of breastfeeding, you know how things started. If you didn’t, go read it 😉 since this post I have tried my pump again. I want to throw that POS out of the window. I tried different size flanges and still get barely any milk. I can hand pump 3oz in a matter of minutes, it would take me 3 hours to get that on my electric pump. Hand pump meaning my bare hands.. Not a manual pump. Speaking of manual pump- I bought one today – same story – barely any milk – that’s getting thrown out the window as well. Good news though, I have since gotten a latch from Samantha so I feed her by breast a few times and I still continue to bottle feed breast milk. I am content with how things are now so forget the fancy pumps, I am doing this old school!

Other postpartum facts

I am almost down to pre-pregnancy weight.

I rarely craved much during pregnancy, however the first few weeks after delivery I craved sweets so much.

I still feel like I am ‘nesting’ maybe even more than during pregnancy.

No baby blues here 😉

I think that’s a wrap, Happy hump day !


Samantha | One month

I have tried getting in the shower three times this morning but each time I think I have satisfied her cries, another one comes. So I have decided to sit and write this while I have her some what calm.

Today Samantha is one month old.


At her one month appointment yesterday, she is 10lbs 2.5oz , 22.5inches long.

At 2 weeks old, she lost her cord stump and had her first bath. Her baths seem to go pretty well as long as we keep water splashing on her to keep her warm.


She also had her first shot ( Hepatitis B vaccine) at two weeks old and cried only for 5 seconds, though I won’t be expecting such a calm reaction next time.

She started going out in public around 2 to 3 weeks. Her first outings included target and publix. Mommy and baby shared a first together…. The commuter train ( sunrail ). I have never been on a train.

She has met both set of grandparents and one great grandma. (she has two other great grandmas and one great grandpa to meet).

Samantha has very strong leg and arm strength. Her pediatrician was quiet surprised. She has started following things with her eyes and holding her head up.

She has a ‘stork bite’ on her left eyelid, which will disappear by age two.


She eats like a pig in the morning and towards the evening tapering off to every 3-4 hours. She wakes up around 10 or 11pm and once around 3 to 4 am. Samantha slept through the night TWICE this week, however I still have to wake up and pump. Samantha is primarily fed breast milk and may be given a formula bottle here and there. Yes, I am still hand expressing my milk …

She loves sleeping on my chest. Her (our) favorite swaddle blankets are Aden and Anais. She will only take a MAM pacifier, which we have now stocked up on.


She is still wearing her newborn cloths, believe it or not. She can fit into 0-3month and some 3 month cloths. We have her in size one diapers although they are slightly big.

She has had two pool days this month (YES in the shade and NO she didn’t get in).



Here is to many many many more months 😉


Too soon?


Today I decided to try and let Samantha nap in her crib. No reason particularly, just wanted to put the room to use, I guess. I fed her while rocking her in the chair and she fell asleep. I immediately put her in the crib. I sat in the room trying to express milk for later feedings. I then proceeded to turn the baby monitor on so I could leave the room. After about 5-10 minutes, I wanted to get her and let her nap on my chest ? I am completely attached to her sleeping on my chest and it makes me happy. I have even thought about co-sleeping ( not to be confused with co-rooming) just because her presence and touch makes me feel calm leaving me not to worry about her.

Was the crib nap too soon ? Mamas what do you think? Normal feelings?



The past 72 hours . . .

have been amazing. I thought I would share some photos until I can sit down and make a full blog post 😉


Samantha’s first picture ever ! She weighed 9.4 oz at delivery. EVERYONE was taken by suprise by her weight. She is now at 8lbs 7oz and still loosing a little weight (totally normal). I am getting annoyed with people calling her a ‘big’ girl!


I was in labor for a looooooong time; more on that later. I was so exhausted that we decided to supplement feed the evening she was born until I could have the time to be patient and focus on breast feeding the next morning.


Those lips 😉


Sweet girl!


She looks just like her daddy.


Daddy snuggle time caught on camera!


First bath at the hospital!


Mommy and baby selfie! Sorry I couldn’t resist!


First pediatrician visit!

Back to the hospital we go! She decided she needed a tan! Everything is just fine, just a little jaundice.



Baby girl got a quick break from the lights, so we grabbed some snuggle time.

So much love 😉