40 week | Four days

Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary. We sat around the house and cleaned most of the morning but we were getting ancey to get out and about.

I contacted another couple to see if they wanted to meet for lunch downtown and they agreed! During
our lunch (which was outside and nearly 90 degrees already), I felt like I had more discharge than normal so I excused my self to the restroom. Nothing was too exciting so I brushed it off and continued our lunch. As we walked to the car, I laughed out loud and yelled to my husband, ‘oh my goodness, I peed my pants’ and continued to laugh while more of my pants become saturated, however
I was pretty certain I had PROM. I immediately called my doula and went over prior discussions of what we had planned and discussed with our midwives.

We decided to wait about 10 hours before heading to the hospital. My water broke around 2:30pm and we arrived at the hospital around 1:00am.
During our 10 hour wait at home, i used multiple natural interventions to start contractions. The only thing that worked ( and worked very well) was the use of my breast pump. It brought on strong and long contractions but couldn’t get them to stay. We walked a handful of times and got nothing.

So hear we are, at the hospital, hooked onto the monitors getting rest for what looks like is going to be a long day. I have started having regular consistent contractions and can only hope they continue on this path.

So far I have had one nurse really push pitocin on me but she is gone and I have a very friendly nurse who seems to be in line with my birth plan except she strongly encouraged the saline lock which I wasn’t thrilled with but I agreed to it!




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