Cried and Laugh 

I wanted to share this clip from a television show I watch ! For me it was touching and inspiring! 

I started off crying, I laughed and then I cried some more ! 

Enjoy ! 


Whats been shakin’ bacon ?

It seems like I have been busy for quiet some time the past couple of days. well…I can’t say busy just haven’t really had time to blog. Frankly I haven’t had much to blog about..

Summer TV has started which consumes alot of my down time when I am not working or running… Its a horrible thing I know. The Bachelor Pad, BIG BROTHER, Breaking Bad, True Blood, Americas Got Talent, and of course the Olympics. Speaking of the Olympics, am I the only one that was not impressed by the opening ceremonies? For all the hype, it was just not great to me. It especially T’d me off when all of the Olympic athletes were being introduced and they were more concerned with tweeting, facebooking and taking photos rather than absorbing this moment of there life. Whatever!

About that running thing… So you already know how my race went. . . I changed my running pattern to afternoons since I am running by myself now. I will admit I am to scared to run at 5:00am by myself. Oh, Em, Gee, It is scorching hot outside. Most people say that the heat does not affect the run, damn if it does. It really slows me down, and at 1.5 miles I am drenched in sweat. I was embarrassed on Tuesday bc I was sweating so bad it looked as if I peed my pants. Of course, every car in Lake Mary had to pass by me. I even had some one honk their horn { oh no ! }.

Last time we went to Tallahassee, My mother decided to not nonchalantly tell me my father was diagnosed with melanoma on his chest and back. Thanks Mom ! He did have surgery this Friday to have these areas removed. My understanding was that the front was pretty large. Its hard getting accurate information living away from home, however my mom is keeping me well up to date as best as she can. However, my dad is doing well, sleeping a lot, on the road for good recover. Now we just cross our fingers and pray its all been removed.

Yesterday we decided to have a BBQ and friends over to play in the pool. The water was 89 degrees!!!!!!! Not refreshing at ALL. Lola always gets to play in the pool and becomes very very very sore the next day, almost lethargic-like. I always feel like a horrible mother the next day. I actually got to try some very interesting sausage, one link was made with crawfish and the other was shrimp. Different but Good.


This week I am making several new recipes, I cannot wait to share them. My mouth waters just thinking about them. We also have our engagement photo session this afternoon. I am kind of nervous about it . I have no idea why. I just am! Our photographer is doing some work in the St. Augustine area for the summer, and I suggested us going to him to take photos. I hear St. Augustine is pretty. I have never been.

Hopefully we will have engagement photos to share with you soon! Happy Sunday !

Im Hooked. . .

Last week I posted about how Don and I were starting to read The Hunger Games Trilogy. Don finished ALL three books in 6 days. I am jealous… I wish I had the time to read that quickly, however I did finish the first book, The Hunger Games, early Sunday morning. I read for about four and a half hours on Saturday, and enjoyed every minute of the book. Sunday, I woke up around 7:30 a.m. and immediately finished the last 6 chapters I had left.

I have avoided the movie trailer every time it has come onto tv. I did not want to spoil the book while I was reading it. I got home today and watched the trailer. I cannot wait to see the movie THIS WEEK 🙂 I also began reading the second book, Catching Fire. I have heard several different opinions regarding the second and the third books and which of them is more preferred over the others. I am looking forward to forming my own opinion… sooner than later… I hope!




Everyone is talking about it. Over 64 million views over a few days. I had chills the entire time I watched it. Thanks to fellow bloggers and local radio shows, I had to find out what it was all about !

Please take the time to watch this video,become informed !

I pledged, will you ?

Will you accept this rose?

Okay. . . I will admit to being a huge addict to most reality TV Shows. Right now, The umph-teenth season of The Bachelor is on ABC. Yes… I am a fan of it. I acutally just finished watching last nights episode. The few thoughts I have after every show are, ” How do these girls kiss him after one another like that” or “They pretty much force themselves to like LOVE him.” This time, I was left confused but happy. Those “Next Week on The Bachelor” scenes always get to me. For any show that is.

There are very few things I like to spoil for myself, unfortunately, reality TV is one of them. Thanks to Reality Steve I can get almost the full season at the beginning of my two favorite shows. I actually REALLY tried to avoid being snoopy, however , if you know me… That didn’t last long.

I can now say if what Reality Steve reported on his website is in fact true, Well … I wont spoil it for the rest of you! Your Welcome. At least Emily Maynard will be the next Bachelorette. Whose excited ?