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Being a Bride.. In my opinion!!!!

I always thought being on the other side of things I would feel different…but I don’t. I know being a bridesmaid your there to support and be at the beacon call for the bride however I beg to differ! Possibly Its me just being a low key, easy going bride  !  I don’t expect my bridesmaids to do everything at a drop of a hat for me, and neither will  I do that for at one else!  I believe just because your getting married does not give you the right away to abuse your friends or family.  I can hardly even watch the show bridezilla because it really disgust me. People always say its your wedding do what you want… Of course that’s true, but by an means does that mean my friends and family shouldn’t struggle or do something that don’t want to because THE BRIDE said so. In the wedding world, I don’t find it fair for the bridal party  to absorb all the cost for a bachlorette parties, bridal showers and the list goes on. Being in a wedding is almost like a full time job, except instead of making money, your spending it!  I will say that I yet have been in a situation where I have not wanted, or been told I had to do something, however I have been in very few weddings and I am sure one of these days I will be in a position where I just don’t agree… The weddings I have been in, all of THREE, I have been upfront and not participated in events whether I was busy, out of town or financially not able to. I don’t think I should put my finances at risk for some one else. WOULD YOU ?

Friends make comments to me about stupid stuff that I could care less about ( wedding stuff) . I am not a diva. Things that may bother others, Don’t bother me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am the level headed one! After-all if something isn’t 100% perfect at my wedding, that’s okay ! Its not supposed to be !

Tomorrow is FRIDAY ! Yipppppeeee

Engagement Photo Sneak Peak

Today our photographer emailed us a few photos from our engagement photo shoot. Here is how our day went…

We arrived in St Augustine around 5:00pm . Of course as soon as we got there a storm started brewing. We met with our photographer and begin our walk to start shooting. We had planned to change into two other outfits but because we were walking and walking and walking we decided to leave the outfits behind. This was a horrible mistake on my behalf because the first outfit I had chosen was the worst possible outfit for my body type. Oh well, I cant do anything about it now. Our photographer was great and took us to places I would have never imagined taking a photo in front of . Here are a few of the engagement photos. Enjoy !






265 Days till we get married! Happy Sunday !

All photos were taken and provided by Mark Bass Photography

Whats been shakin’ bacon ?

It seems like I have been busy for quiet some time the past couple of days. well…I can’t say busy just haven’t really had time to blog. Frankly I haven’t had much to blog about..

Summer TV has started which consumes alot of my down time when I am not working or running… Its a horrible thing I know. The Bachelor Pad, BIG BROTHER, Breaking Bad, True Blood, Americas Got Talent, and of course the Olympics. Speaking of the Olympics, am I the only one that was not impressed by the opening ceremonies? For all the hype, it was just not great to me. It especially T’d me off when all of the Olympic athletes were being introduced and they were more concerned with tweeting, facebooking and taking photos rather than absorbing this moment of there life. Whatever!

About that running thing… So you already know how my race went. . . I changed my running pattern to afternoons since I am running by myself now. I will admit I am to scared to run at 5:00am by myself. Oh, Em, Gee, It is scorching hot outside. Most people say that the heat does not affect the run, damn if it does. It really slows me down, and at 1.5 miles I am drenched in sweat. I was embarrassed on Tuesday bc I was sweating so bad it looked as if I peed my pants. Of course, every car in Lake Mary had to pass by me. I even had some one honk their horn { oh no ! }.

Last time we went to Tallahassee, My mother decided to not nonchalantly tell me my father was diagnosed with melanoma on his chest and back. Thanks Mom ! He did have surgery this Friday to have these areas removed. My understanding was that the front was pretty large. Its hard getting accurate information living away from home, however my mom is keeping me well up to date as best as she can. However, my dad is doing well, sleeping a lot, on the road for good recover. Now we just cross our fingers and pray its all been removed.

Yesterday we decided to have a BBQ and friends over to play in the pool. The water was 89 degrees!!!!!!! Not refreshing at ALL. Lola always gets to play in the pool and becomes very very very sore the next day, almost lethargic-like. I always feel like a horrible mother the next day. I actually got to try some very interesting sausage, one link was made with crawfish and the other was shrimp. Different but Good.


This week I am making several new recipes, I cannot wait to share them. My mouth waters just thinking about them. We also have our engagement photo session this afternoon. I am kind of nervous about it . I have no idea why. I just am! Our photographer is doing some work in the St. Augustine area for the summer, and I suggested us going to him to take photos. I hear St. Augustine is pretty. I have never been.

Hopefully we will have engagement photos to share with you soon! Happy Sunday !

Meet the ‘Maids’

and of course that’s BRIDESMAIDS. Here they are . .

Callie. Maid of Honor!

Callie is my sister. She is three years younger than me. There was no question about her being a part of this day.

Carrie. Bridesmaid

Carrie and I have known each other for about 2 years. I met her through one of Don’s good friends, MAX. We have become very close in the past several months. At least in the past 5 months, there may have been 2-3 weekends where we HAVE NOT seen each other.

Crystal. Bridesmaid.

Wow, I cant believe we have already known each other almost SIX years. Man, time sure does fly when you are having fun..and I mean serious fun. From football games, pool parties and girls night, she has been my partner in crime until she moved to Jacksonville.

Kendra. Bridesmaid.

Kendra is  dating one of Dons good friends, Andrew. She is also a BRIDE TO BE.  When I first met Kendra, our friendship was very natural and since we met, we have become good friends. She is very sweet. When Kendra and I get together, it is none stop fun. Almost every time I see her, there is at least one occasion where we constantly laugh so hard and can’t stop. Never a dull moment with her.

Marni. Bridesmaid.

Marni and I have been friends for about 5 years. She is married to one of Dons life-long friends, Mike (aka Palma). Both Don and I were in their wedding in November 2012. Our friendship is much like a good book, you never want to put it down or wait till later, we could keep on going. I always look forward to visits with her. We have many special moments together that I could never get rid of.

Sara. Bridesmaid.

She is the jelly to my peanut butter! Sara married my cousin Jayson last July. We met the prior year on our family vacation to the keys and became two peas in a pod. When I still lived in Tallahassee, there was not a weekend we were without each other. I was in her wedding and its only fitting to have her in mine, I would not think twice about it. Sara is a mother to be. She is due in Oct. We are so excited for her

I am so excited to have the 6 of them apart of my wedding day. From now till then, will be so much so much fun. Thanks ladies for being apart of this day ! Love you ALL ❤

Asking the girls

I picked 6 close girls that I wanted to share this intimate day with, 2 being family and 4 being friends. This was one of first hurdles to get over since we started to plan our wedding. I seriously could have had several attendants but I was encouraged not to by several people, less is more! I love and adore all of my friends and wish I could have them all in the wedding.

I really wanted a fun, random way of asking my bridesmaids. I actually remembered this really cute idea I pinned on my wedding pinterest board.

Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com via Kimberly on Pinterest

I definitely used this same concept, however I chose my own wording. The letters on the outside of the boxes are the first initial of each bridesmaids name. Two of the boxes actually had their full name, only because I had each letter :0)

I made confetti out of BRIGHT printing paper I had in my scrapbook box. After the confetti came the tags that read, “I cant say I DO, with out YOU, Will you be my bridesmaid, ( one said maid of honor).

and last BUT not least, I added the special touch…. A RING POP … how appropriate :0) I thought it was the cutest idea and I think some of my bridesmaids did to ! I kept mine in the package because I was asking everyone at random times and did not need ants crawling in my house and car!

I look forward to introducing you to my bridal party, at least my side… Don is still in the making ! Happy Monday, and if you are like me and live in FLORIDA, try and stay dry !!!!

Booked, Bought, & Asked !

Wow , what an amazing weekend we had! Don and I traveled to Tallahassee this past weekend to officially begin the wedding planning process. Planning a wedding is a tad hard being an out-of-town bride however it is wonderful having a dependable family back home to help !

To start the weekend off, we arrived to Tallahassee Friday night and pretty much finalized the guest list. I am sure from here on out it will be tweaked here and there ! Secondly, we had an appointment Saturday morning to look at a venue. The venue offers a site for lake side ceremony and an indoor reception with a ‘PLAN B’ option for the ceremony if it rains! We really liked the 2-n-1 venue because we are
Inviting several out of town guest. Actually a majority of our guest are from
Out of the area! We both really liked it, so we BOOKED it! Check !

Later that day, my mother, grandmother and my sister ( maid of honor ) met up at a bridal shop to look at dresses! Both bridesmaids and my wedding dress. I needed to kill two birds with one stone ! When we met our bridal consult, I advised her of everything I disliked and did not want in a wedding dress. Finally after trying on a handful of dress, three which I absolutely loved but just was not ‘the one’, she brought a dress to me to try on. This dress would have been put on my DO NOT try on list. I tried it on for her and OH. MY!!!! I loved it, tried it on multiple times (to make sure) and I didn’t want to take it off. MY MOM BOUGHT IT! Check !!

Still on the look out for bridesmaid dresses! I found one I loved but not getting great feedback from the few bridesmaids I have asked ! We will see!

We met up with my cousin and his wife ( whom is one of my great friends) to
visit with them! She is a few days shy of 6 months pregnant and hardly showing. I can’t wait to see little carter blue 😉 I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids! I was a little worried she may say NO with her being a new mom but she didn’t !!! I was so excited !

Lastly , I signed up for my first orlando 5k which is July 12 ! Can’t wait!

Happy Monday !