Behind EL2P


Hi There! I’m Kim, Thanks for reading my blog! I started Eightlegs2People when I decided to take move away from where I grew up { something I never thought I would do}. Primarily to keep my family in touch with my life away from ‘home’. I married my husband Don in April of 2013 and we are now expecting our first child in April 2014. We met in Tallahassee, Florida { where I am from} in 2006 not long after graduating high school. After both graduating college, we decided to move to a larger city not too far from Tallahassee. While I miss my family alot, I love living in Central Florida. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist by day and a wanna be chef by night { ha }

IMG_0422.JPG (3)

Eightlegs2people is mostly concentrated on things I love such as Cooking, Baking, Baby updates and house renovations ! Of course little random posts here and there. Wondering where the Eight legs came from ? We have TWO fur babies, each with four legs hence making a total of 8 legs! Lola, is our German Shepherd who is now almost 6 years old. She is a wonderful pup and who seems almost smarter than a human sometimes. Sully, our little one, is a mixed breed of sorts who we rescued last December. He was estimated to be any where from 4-6 weeks when we adopted him. They are wonderful to have around ! Click here to see them !


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