Gilette Venus Embrace Sensitive

I received this razor complimentary for reviewing proposes.


I was extremely excited when I received this because I am one who finds something I like and I stick with it. Honestly I would have never thought to pick up this razor.

It came in a nice easy to open package with the razor and handle packaged separately. The razor was in a cartridge that you open and stuck the handle into the back without handling the sharp razor itself.


Due to my sensitive skin I applied baby wash to my legs before shaving. I was thrilled with the results from the razor. I had a close shave leaving my skin feeling silky smooth (for real)… Even better it last longer than what I was used to!

You can find this product at your local grocery for $9.88 with two razor cartridges!

If you like a close shave – try it yourself 😉

Happy Tuesday !!


Fun Mail

Happy Tuesday 😉 I love getting fun random stuff in the mail. It makes getting bills a little less painful. I have joined influenster and bzzzagent, which send me products to use and share the reviews with YOU 🙂

This week I received the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor from influenster. I have already began to use this and can’t wait to share my review on it.


I also received, well… I should say my pups received a bag of Innova Natures Table dog food. As soon as I opened it they were getting curious (a good sign in my opinion). Thanks bzzzagent!



Keep a look out for my reviews 😉 Have a good day!