40 week bUmpdate


Photo Caption: Junk in the trunk !!!!


How far along?   40 Weeks. 0 days left. ( Due date is April 24th – I also post the night before )

Size of baby? Sammy is about 20.1 inches long and average weight is 7 lbs 4 oz. . I had a weight ultrasound done yesterday and she was estimated to weigh 7lbs 15oz. According to the bump, she is the size of a jackfruit.

Maternity Clothes? Same stuff. I found a dress or two I can fit in. Dons basketball shorts and a t-shirt are my favorite when I get off work.

Weight Gain? 40 lbs as of yesterday. I refuse to gain any more. Typically the last few weeks of pregnancy you taper off or lose weight.

Stretch Marks? Mmmm -mmh. Haven’t found anymore (currently lower abdomen and my side boobies).

Sleep? I have been staying up really late (11pm-1am) but still getting enough sleep. The weather has been nice enough to leave the windows open which I HATE because anything and everything wakes me up ( not a new thing) and those spring birdies love to sing so early in the morning!

Missing anything? I am curious to know how life is without a belly. We went on our evening walk and I was goofing off. I began jogging for like 2.5 seconds and I think running is going to comical when I start back.

Craving anything? Nothing really! Peanut butter. I love peanut butter.

Any sickness? Nauseas!!!!

Baby Movement? Yep! She just moves back and forth to get comfortable.

Gender: GIRL!  

Belly Button:In the mornings it’s in, and the afternoons it’s out.

Labor Signs: I passed my mucous plug (at least I am pretty certain). I am still 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Baby Samantha is still head down (phew!) and in a good position for birth ! I have been having light inconsistent contractions (much like period cramps). I can tell they are contractions because they wrap around and are off and on VS being constant and just in the lower abdomen.

Mood: I am becoming impatient. Not impatient with baby but with people. It’s not anyone’s fault BUT my own and at least I realize that. The constant EVERYDAY questions about how am I feeling and has there been any changes has started bothering me. I know that people ask because they care and I am learning to appreciate that. It’s just hard.

Symptoms: Constipation, flatulence, Restless Leg Syndrome (like woah), lightening crotch, and hip discomfort. Doesn’t pregnancy sound so FUN !

Milestones: Made it to the due-date, bags packed and began the first steps of labor.

Looking Forward to: giving birth before my induction date (which is in two weeks).

Happy bUmpday !



4 thoughts on “40 week bUmpdate

  1. Elizabeth Boese says:

    So excited for you! Just enjoy every moment. I wish I could relive E’s birthday again– it was so much fun! Can’t wait to find out when her bday is. 🙂

  2. I was impatient the whole pregnancy, it was bad, but I couldn’t stop it. I haven’t seen a post for 2 days, I hope this means you are holding your little girl in your arms by now. Thinking about you and hope all is well!!

  3. You look great! Don’t worry about the weight gain… I gained 40lbs and dropped 25 by one week. If I had known how it just falls off, i wouldn’t have stressed so much. I hope that girl came and we’ll get a birth post soon!!

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