Where in the world is Kim

Goodness gracious it’s been a long stretch of time since I have blogged. My apologies to any readers I might still have out there. Life just gets in the way of little things like blogging. The good news  is that I have a hand full of recipes from summer to fall that I have saved to share with you all , amongst many other things ;0)

Wondering what I have been up to ?

It was a typical summer here in Florida. Hot, sunny and VERY wet. We had lots of rain which we needed.

We had lots of pool parties this year ( of course ).

I experienced some amazing concerts .. Starting with PAUL MCCARTNEY, Easton Corbin, Tyler Farr, Drake White,  Jana Kramer, Cassidy Pope, and Sheryl crow! I am going to see my favorites this weekend – Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan!!! Paul McCartney was fabulouuuuus 😉 What. An. Experience. And I met most of the artist listed above ;0)

I went to Texas for the first time. One of my close friends got married. I had a very pleasant time.

Went to the east coast beaches for the first time …. I prefer the Florida west coast beaches and the panhandle beaches … Much more . Although you can drive on the beaches here which is convenient.

Went to ALL four Disney parks in ONE DAY…. Yes you read it right… ONE DAY. It was fun and tiring.

That pretty much sums up my summer ! Lots of delicious recipes coming soon. I promise the hiatus is over 😉



Whats been shakin’ bacon ?

It seems like I have been busy for quiet some time the past couple of days. well…I can’t say busy just haven’t really had time to blog. Frankly I haven’t had much to blog about..

Summer TV has started which consumes alot of my down time when I am not working or running… Its a horrible thing I know. The Bachelor Pad, BIG BROTHER, Breaking Bad, True Blood, Americas Got Talent, and of course the Olympics. Speaking of the Olympics, am I the only one that was not impressed by the opening ceremonies? For all the hype, it was just not great to me. It especially T’d me off when all of the Olympic athletes were being introduced and they were more concerned with tweeting, facebooking and taking photos rather than absorbing this moment of there life. Whatever!

About that running thing… So you already know how my race went. . . I changed my running pattern to afternoons since I am running by myself now. I will admit I am to scared to run at 5:00am by myself. Oh, Em, Gee, It is scorching hot outside. Most people say that the heat does not affect the run, damn if it does. It really slows me down, and at 1.5 miles I am drenched in sweat. I was embarrassed on Tuesday bc I was sweating so bad it looked as if I peed my pants. Of course, every car in Lake Mary had to pass by me. I even had some one honk their horn { oh no ! }.

Last time we went to Tallahassee, My mother decided to not nonchalantly tell me my father was diagnosed with melanoma on his chest and back. Thanks Mom ! He did have surgery this Friday to have these areas removed. My understanding was that the front was pretty large. Its hard getting accurate information living away from home, however my mom is keeping me well up to date as best as she can. However, my dad is doing well, sleeping a lot, on the road for good recover. Now we just cross our fingers and pray its all been removed.

Yesterday we decided to have a BBQ and friends over to play in the pool. The water was 89 degrees!!!!!!! Not refreshing at ALL. Lola always gets to play in the pool and becomes very very very sore the next day, almost lethargic-like. I always feel like a horrible mother the next day. I actually got to try some very interesting sausage, one link was made with crawfish and the other was shrimp. Different but Good.


This week I am making several new recipes, I cannot wait to share them. My mouth waters just thinking about them. We also have our engagement photo session this afternoon. I am kind of nervous about it . I have no idea why. I just am! Our photographer is doing some work in the St. Augustine area for the summer, and I suggested us going to him to take photos. I hear St. Augustine is pretty. I have never been.

Hopefully we will have engagement photos to share with you soon! Happy Sunday !

Race results

I am sure you have been sitting on the edge of your chairs, sweating and waiting on my result post ! NOT! Sorry to keep you waiting!


So about the 5k… I was a little upset with my self. After several weeks of training I did walk about 10-20 seconds, but that was it! It actually was more painful to walk instead of run!

I was petty t’d off because we ran on red brick roads! Word to runners in training . . . It’s a pain ! It hurts! And it’s slows you down (slightly)! I ended up jumping onto the grass to make it easier on myself and my shin splints- I ran on the grass alot through training. It does help !

I was anxious as it was but to make this experience even more dramatic it was scheduled at 6:30 at night! Who schedules a race, in Florida, at 6:30 PM??? The obvious issue is that it was
Hotter than hell, humid and on top of those annoying florida traits …it RAINED!!! It is kind of an expected thing here on a summer afternoon… Right?

Anyways… I ran a 5k, barely walking and I was 3:40 seconds over my goal. Oh well ! My finish time was 33:40 ! Not horrible but not great either! For a ‘first’ 5k, not going to break myself down ! After all, I am already signed up for another race in 2 weeks! GO ME!

60 days, a birthday and a race!

Today is my Dads birthday! While I won’t say how old… Oops ! I mean young he is ;0) I will say that I hope he has the best day ever!!! Happy Birthday Dad !

Today also marks 60 days since I have stopped biting my nails ! Yay for me ! Last weekend I actually had to go get some tools to cut and shape my nails ! It took me awhile to do and get used to but I did it ! It was my first time
I ever had to cut my nails ! Yippee !!!


I am getting excited for tomorrow , race day! I picked up my race day gear yesterday ! Wah-hoo ! Tuesday morning I ran over 3 miles and today I am taking a break getting ready for tomorrow !


Happy Wednesday !

It’s race week!

( photo courtesy of google images)

Tomorrow marks 4 days leading up to my actual race day…July 12! I am keeping up with training! Currently I am running ( no walking!!!) 2.65 miles at 25 minutes !

A lot of experienced runners may laugh at my short distance of 2.56 miles however, I think of it as an accomplishment for myself! Never have I ran this much consecutively with out walking ! My time is also not bad , but it’s also not great ! I am happy with it ! Tomorrow I will step it up by running 28 minutes with no walking for three days, finishing thursday with 30 minutes! I will admit I nervous and hope the adrenalin can help push me through !

Think I am done after that ? Not a chance! Although running is not my favorite thing in the entire world , I am going to continue running local 5ks and continue training during the weeks! Don’t forget I am a bride to be! I need to be get in shape ;0)

Happy Weekend!

Active Update !

Last blog entry I said I signed up for my first 5k in Orlando. I also believe at some point I have mentioned that running has been tough because of shin splints !! Let me just update you in my active life style !

On Sunday , I signed up for my 5k. For about three weeks I have been running with my neighbor not knowing we were going to sign up for a 5k. I bought the new shoes blah blah blah ! Well, my shoes have been a WONDERFUL relief
On my legs In addition to stretching BEFORE and AFTER my run ! My neighbor has us following the couch to 5k plan ! Today we had out longest and most successful run of 2.1 miles at 20 minutes and 17 seconds! NO WALKING either! We kept a steady pace for the entire run ! When my Nike plus app started the 5 minute countdown to the end , I started to struggle but
I was so happy ! I finished the run feeling so exhilarated!

It was my first time running 2 miles straight ( that I can remember ) without stopping to stretch or walk ! We kept each other motivated! I never have liked a running partner because everyone runs on different paces however it’s like love at first run! We have ran with the same pace and talked each other through our runs ! I just know we will succeed through the rest! She has been good support and I hope vice versus !

I am glad to say that I am ending the night propped up on the couch having a nice glass of wine !


Until next time, keep running, keep your head high and don’t give up !!

Whats going on ….

wow .. what a blogging bum I have been lately…. Let me catch you up! Starting with mothers day….

I did NOT get to spend mothers day with my mother or my grandmothers however Lola and Don sent me to get a pedicure and a manicure 🙂 I guess even being a mom of a four legged friend you deserve to be pampered 🙂 During my relaxing moment, I decided NO MORE NAIL BITING… I have done this about two times ( that I can remember) in the past 6 years, and was almost very successful but didn’t conquer the habit. I can report it has been 9 days and I have NOT bitten my nails. I have caught myself picking at them but immediately stopped. Let’s keep it up !!!

Wanna know what NEW and EXCITING things I have cooked the past week or two… NOTHING… sorry charlie! Although last night I did make something people may call odd! I had pulled out some ground beef to make a Rachael Ray recipe but ended up NOT doing it so we made plain old hamburgers with it. You can’t really go wrong with a grilled hamburger. We did not have any buns, only English muffins. I toasted my muffin, put my cheeseburger on, raw onions, and heaping tablespoon of PEANUT BUTTER.. Yes …PEANUT BUTTER ! Back home there was a unique restaurant that served a burger with p-butter and it was one of my favorites. I needed a little taste of home 🙂

On Sunday, Don and I celebrated our SIX YEAR anniversary! We had a wonderful day boating and floating at silver glen springs and an okay dinner at SoNapa.

This coming Saturday we will be heading on a seven day vacation to Siesta Key! I am so excited. Mom, Dad, Sister, Mammaw and Papa will all be there 🙂 Its about time we are able to relax. Looking forward to it!

We had some really close friends of ours get engaged while they were on vacation over seas. Congrats Kendra and Andrew!!!! We are so happy for you!!!!!


Happy Tuesday :0)