Photo Phone Dump

Latley we have been going going going .. Getting a lot done , eating yummy treats and having some fun … Here it is all in photos 😉


Yummy vegetable cheddar chowder in the making …Will post recipe soon!


We Joined my sister and her boyfriend at the fair . It was cold and windy , perfect fair weather . Tried some salt and vinegar pork rinds – DELICIOUS 😉


Made this bad boy … White chocolate red velvet cheesecake … Of course will be posting this recipe soon !!!


Going back and forth on colors and letters { WILL DEFINITELY BE POSTING MORE SOON } , I don’t like pink but it has found a special place in my heart Lately.


Organizing the fridge . His side vs My side


Spending time with our pups 😉

I’ve got lots of future post coming soon ! Happy Monday !


Friday Phone Dump


Meet my lovely sister. She always is sending me fun pics that she has created. I loved this one and decided to keep it 🙂


Lola is so darlin’. She knows exactly when it is bed time. When we lay down and get ready to sleep she hops right into bed and joins us. If one of us gets out of bed, well… your out of luck because this girl will steal your spot QUICKLY 🙂


My mom and I were getting ready to go out on the boat. We really wanted to take Lola with us. We tried to dress her up and sneak her on 🙂


Oh the joys of spring and summer 🙂 Lizards are EVERYWHERE here in Central Florida. NOW WE KNOW WHY

This was my FIRST ‘Friday Phone Dump’ ! Hope you all had a wonderful week. To all the wonderful mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.