Friday Letters

Dear Weather – Thank you for the cold spirts! We have put our fire place to great use this week.  I would like to lay in the sun this weekend! High 70s with no wind and lots of sun sounds GREAT!
Dear Nails – you will be painted for the next few months ! I have to STOP biting you ! I refuse to have fake nails on !
Dear pups – I don’t know what’s wrong but you guys have to stop throwing up ! Especially  in the middle of the night … You have me a little concerned !
Dear Wedding – As of today we have 49 days to go ! I have been working on the seating arrangements and they can be a pain in the neck ! Aye yay yiii !
Dear seminole county Clerk of court – many thanks to you not being busy when we came to get our marriage license! You may want to add a policy for your employees to smile more often! Getting you marriage license is supposed to be fun and exciting ( at least to me ) , not dull, boring and annoyed like your employees act !
Dear Friday – Your here ! It was a fast week, no complaints … Just stay awhile!

Happies and Crappies

Along with my Friday letters I will also be linking up with Stephanie for Happies and Crappies! Thanks Rachel for introducing me to this link up ! I love Friday link-ups. It gives me time to reflect on my week!

Happies & Crappies


I had my first bridal shower on Saturday ! My grandmothers bible study class ( which I know most of them) decided to throw it for me. It was very very thoughtful and MUCH appreciated!

Superbowl Sunday was pretty low key for us. EXACTLY what we wanted. We usually host events like this but I just didn’t have it in me this year. We wanted to be able to go to bed whenever we wanted and not feel obligated to stay up because we had guest over. Our neighbors we very gracious and invited us over this year. It was very nice. Although.. I wasnt very impressed with the half time show this year!

This week our wedding invitations went out. VERY EXCITING! Just makes the date feel that much closer !!!!! A friend of ours texted me yesterday letting us know she received hers in the mail!

Speaking of weddings, Yesterday we received a save the date for some of our closest friends, Kendra and Andrew!! There wedding is in august and we are excited to travel that way !!! We have already purchased our plane tickets that’s how excited we are!!!! Woo-hoo

Sunday we began landscaping our front yard. It needs help. We have a dying sago palm that makes me want to cry. I hate sagos! They are every where in central Florida ! Bleh.. Hopefully it wont be THAT difficult to get it out of our yard.

I finished my 2012 taxes. What a relief!!!

Being a dental hygienist we have to take continuing education courses in order to renew our state license every 2 years. I promised myself I was going to take one each month that way when renewal time came around I wasnt scrounging around to take as many courses as I could. That promise didn’t last BUT I did start taking to CEUs and caught myself up to where I need to be to keep on that track. Another relief!


This week went SO fast, meaning the weekend will go by fast. Sloooooooow dowwwwwwn please!

Saturday I went to my hometown, Tallahassee, to have my bridal gown altered. Someone could have picked up my jaw off the floor when she told me how much it was going to cost!!! Who would have known such MINOR alterations could cost some MAJOR mulah!!  The positive thing is I would look that much better 🙂

Because I was in Tallahassee, getting ripped off on alterations ( haha), I missed our good friends, Rachael and Will, engagement party. Boo!!!

Don has an old{er} car. It leaks oil, cant roll the window down, interior lights don’t work, among a few other little things. Its very temperamental. It works when it wants and doesnt when you really really need it to. Thank the lord for AAA! Its time to go car shopping…. Ehhhhh !

Needless to say, I think I had more happies than crappies this week! I am very thankful for that !



Dear Yogurt – I recommended you to a few people, including one of my patients. I followed up with her this week to see how it worked for her. She said it worked miracles. Her face was extremely red, irritated and bumpy like mine. Thanks for being a natural remedy to facial irritations and much more !

Dear Nurse – You did such a great job inserting the needle in my vein to retrieve blood. I did not feel it all nor did I bruise. I wish they were all like you !!!

Dear Grammy – I hope you had such a good birthday this week. It is always good to talk to you ! I love you …{VERY MUCH}

Dear Coffee – I am not a huge fan of drinking you because you stain teeth and cause stinky breath BUT since I read that you help boost metabolism ( probably not but I will go along with that) I will share  some of my mornings with you.. How about that?


TGIF !!!

Friday Letters

Dear Cold Weather – Welcome back! Its 30 something outside and I am enjoying it. I finally get to put my sweaters, scarfs, and boots to use.


Dear Salted Caramel Cupcakes – You were delicious but I had to resist from eating you . I have a figure to watch out for.


Dear Lady who waxed my eyebrows – Next time I come see you, please do not pull the strip off my face as slow as you can. Also, NEVER pick up and eye brow pencil and start coloring ones eye brow in. IT MAY FREAK THEM OUT !

Dear Sully-Your adorable. I could keep you mini size and you perfect for our family! 🙂


Happy Friday !




Friday Letters

Dear Friday – you were quick to come! Thank you for that ! However, please feel free to slow down for the weekend !

Dear Weather – Thanks for keeping your story straight this week! This fall weather is pretty awesome ! Especially for early morning runs …

Dear Counter-tops- while your sitting done at home , I am waiting in a doctors office eager to see you !!!

Dear not so nice co-worker – I HIGHLY doubt you read my blog .. Fine by me …I have never experienced so much discourtesy by anyone , Ever ! Please move on to a different office ! Thanks !

Dear Weekend – as always I am so glad to see you… Please be more exciting than I am expecting , exciting in a positive way of course !






Happy Weeeeekend !

Friday Letters

My first Friday Letters link up ! Thanks to the many blogs I follow for introducing me !

Dear Friday – I am very glad you are here… As always! I look forward to having fun, doing nothing and whatever else the weekend may have in store for us!

Dear Patients of mine – I am starting to get really frustrated that you are 40, 27, 53, and still don’t know how to use a toothbrush !! Is it really that hard to brush for 2 minutes, 2x a day or even 1x a day ???

Dear Weather Channel – this week you predicted cool weather for central Florida . PUH-LEASE don’t disappoint me like you sometimes do ! However , I will thank you for this much NEEDED rain !

Dear Kitchen – I am very eager for you to be completed and updated ! Hurry – UP !

Dear Wedding of mine – you are 203 days away , yes I have a countdown going … While I don’t want time to go bu too fast .. I realllllly wish April was around the corner !