Postpartum update

I am 5 weeks postpartum this week. The beginning was tough. Handling a newborn, caring for my third degree perineum tear, trying to figure out breast feeding and all of the normal daily life routines, it was definitely a lot
to juggle. As time passes, things have become easier. I am eager to get a routine back although that requires me to go back to work and put my snug bug in daycare ..::sigh::..

Handling a newborn

Some new moms and dads may disagree, but I don’t find it as hard as what people make it seem. A lot of people truly try and scare you about having a child or at least that’s what it seems. Yes, when you can’t get a screaming newborn to calm down it’s frustrating and heartbreaking but it’s not the end of the world and whether it’s 2 min or 2 hours it will end. I’ll be honest here, I have found myself
comparing a newborn to a puppy, atleast your newborn isn’t running around pooping everywhere. It’s all contained right in your arms (and sometimes on you). I’ll let you know If I still feel this way down the road.

Caring for my third degree tear

My battle wound. The first two weeks were brutal. Not. Gonna. Lie. A tear from the front to the back (if you didn’t already know) is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I almost find it worst the having a c-section, but can’t honestly compare because I haven’t had a c-section. I had to take stool softeners daily, stick to a soft diet, use a peri-bottle after every bathroom use and take/apply medications as needed. More stuff I had to do on top of loving on my newborn. It sucked. I looked at it ALOT, wondering if it would heal quick and look normal. Hey! I even offered to show some of my best pals my battle wound – but I had no takers! My husband even flinched when I asked him to look. It’s healing and has a lot more healing to do but doesn’t require the high maintenance care it did before!

Breast feeding

If you read my prior post of breastfeeding, you know how things started. If you didn’t, go read it 😉 since this post I have tried my pump again. I want to throw that POS out of the window. I tried different size flanges and still get barely any milk. I can hand pump 3oz in a matter of minutes, it would take me 3 hours to get that on my electric pump. Hand pump meaning my bare hands.. Not a manual pump. Speaking of manual pump- I bought one today – same story – barely any milk – that’s getting thrown out the window as well. Good news though, I have since gotten a latch from Samantha so I feed her by breast a few times and I still continue to bottle feed breast milk. I am content with how things are now so forget the fancy pumps, I am doing this old school!

Other postpartum facts

I am almost down to pre-pregnancy weight.

I rarely craved much during pregnancy, however the first few weeks after delivery I craved sweets so much.

I still feel like I am ‘nesting’ maybe even more than during pregnancy.

No baby blues here 😉

I think that’s a wrap, Happy hump day !



Samantha’s Birth Story

My water broke around 2:30 p.m. when we were out for lunch. Previously discussed with my midwife, we would arrive at the hospital about 4-5 hours after this happened. She later stated that since non medicated natural birth was my plan, that 10hours would be okay since I was strepB negative. That put us at the hospital around 1:30 a.m.

I was not having any contractions or labor signs other than the premature rupture of membranes (PROM). Prior to arriving to the hospital we walked several times, used my breast pump (natural release of oxytocin), walking up and down stairs…nothing really worked. The breast pump did bring on long contractions but nothing worth noting and recording.

When we arrived at the hospital, we settled into triage for a short while before going into the birthing suite. The nurse in triage confirmed my water broke and checked me for effacement and dilation. If I remember correctly, I was still 1-2cm and 50% effaced just like I was at my prior midwife appointment.

Settled in to the birthing suite around 2:00-3:00 a.m. we used the time to get some sleep. The nurse we had we REALLY disliked. She was going to do everything possible to go against my birth plan starting with continuous monitoring. I was tired, so whatever! The lady even kept bringing up pitocin EVERY time she was in my room (every hour). Finally, the new shift came on and we had a young nurse who took me off the monitors but insisted I needed a saline lock. I figured I wouldn’t win this one because I was in a hospital setting, again…whatever.

My midwife came in checked me when she got to the hospital – I was 4-5 cm. I was getting small consistent contractions at this point. We would walk the halls for 20 minutes, come back and do the breast pump for 15
minutes, bounce and houla on the exercise ball and then it was time to hop back on the monitors. We did this for hours. Later in the afternoon, my midwife came back and no progression was made. She suggested to finish breaking my bag of water to see if that helped at all.

Ali, my midwife, was very understanding of our plan to stay away from as many interventions as possible. She explained to me that right now I had every odd against my birth plan. We wanted to go right, but my plan was going the complete opposite way. I tried to stay positive through the experience. After breaking my water completely my contractions did get stronger and very regular but I did not dilate any further. We stayed like this through the night (and shift change). I had met all the midwifes except one before labor so I was comfortable with the change. Of course the midwife that was on shift was the one I never had met.

She came in at some point Tuesday and recommended the pitocin. I didn’t have much of an option at this point, because things were getting unsafe for both Samantha and me. Actually I was pretty lucky they let me go the length of time without it (we were now at about 30+ hours after my water breaking on Sunday). I knew getting the pitocin, I was probably going to need either a pain medication or an epidural. I opted for the mild pain medication first.

At some point Samantha became face up and I was having the WORST back labor. The pain medication allowed me to doze off in between my contractions but did not ease any sort of pain. After about twenty minutes, which I thought was hours, I opted for the epidural. I discussed this with my husband and doula because it was completely off my birth plan. I was going off of no sleep they both thought it was be a good opportunity to get sleep, so I got it.

As much as I can remember, I went to sleep for a short period of time and waking up in so much pain telling my doula I need to push. Don was out getting dinner for himself and my mom. They both were calling and texting Don to hurry back. The midwife came in and checked me. I was fully dilated but cervix wasn’t quite thinned out and she told me not to push or I could rupture my cervix. I fought this for a good amount of time. The pain in my back was crazy bad and it felt good to push so I didn’t resist what my body was doing.

I probably called the midwife a handful of times begging her to start pushing and finally the last time she said we could start. When I was pushing she would turn Samantha . We would take breaks and I would cry to Don I just want a csection, can I please just have a csection! He assured me we had gotten this far and that I could do it.

After three hours of pushing, they called in the on call OB to prep me for a c-section. We tried every pushing position known to man before he had gotten there. He came in and decided to push with me a few times. He assured me I was so close I could do it. He did opt to use the vacuum, but stated he would only try three times before we had to head to the OR. The first two rounds of pushing the vacuum slipped. The third and final round, I gave it EVERYTHING (that I didn’t have) to get her out. When her head came out there was a pressure release I felt, I knew I had to continue to push to get her shoulders out, another two pushes and she arrived safely onto my chest. Don decided he wanted to cut the cord and I just laid there in awe and exhaust.

Samantha Leigh Greenberg was born on April 29, 2014 at 7:25 p.m. Happy and Healthy!


The downfall to the the longest labor ever was my exhaustion. I also ended up with a third degree perineal tear which I honestly feel may be worse than a c-section incision (that’s just my opinion)!

Sorry it took me so long to blog about her birth. Hope you all enjoyed reading.


40 week | Four days

Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary. We sat around the house and cleaned most of the morning but we were getting ancey to get out and about.

I contacted another couple to see if they wanted to meet for lunch downtown and they agreed! During
our lunch (which was outside and nearly 90 degrees already), I felt like I had more discharge than normal so I excused my self to the restroom. Nothing was too exciting so I brushed it off and continued our lunch. As we walked to the car, I laughed out loud and yelled to my husband, ‘oh my goodness, I peed my pants’ and continued to laugh while more of my pants become saturated, however
I was pretty certain I had PROM. I immediately called my doula and went over prior discussions of what we had planned and discussed with our midwives.

We decided to wait about 10 hours before heading to the hospital. My water broke around 2:30pm and we arrived at the hospital around 1:00am.
During our 10 hour wait at home, i used multiple natural interventions to start contractions. The only thing that worked ( and worked very well) was the use of my breast pump. It brought on strong and long contractions but couldn’t get them to stay. We walked a handful of times and got nothing.

So hear we are, at the hospital, hooked onto the monitors getting rest for what looks like is going to be a long day. I have started having regular consistent contractions and can only hope they continue on this path.

So far I have had one nurse really push pitocin on me but she is gone and I have a very friendly nurse who seems to be in line with my birth plan except she strongly encouraged the saline lock which I wasn’t thrilled with but I agreed to it!



40 weeks | Two days

We have a stubborn little girl on our hands {I am well aware it’s normal to be over due, especially with you first}. My mom was TEN days late with me so looks like I am following her footsteps. Ugh!

We have been taking long brisk walks everyday, about 45 min. That walk pretty much does it for me — I am so exhausted after. Today I was more horizontal then vertical {I felt guilty laying around all day but I plan to do it again tomorrow if I am not having this baby).

I FINALLY found red leaf raspberry tea and have been drinking 3-4 cups a day. There is confusion regarding this tea. It will NOT induce however it does help tone the uterus which will help in the 2nd stage of labor when contracting and pushing. Hopefully this helps get through a little easier.

I have been eating spicy food but I think that is truly a myth and I refuse to drink castor oil. I have tried several other natural induction methods but nothing seems to strike her fancy. She will come when she wants to.

I am already dreading Mondays work day. Blah !!!!!

It would be awesome if she came tomorrow on our wedding anniversary (one year) !

I am a little jealous BUT extremely happy for all of my blogging families – as they have mostly had their babies and all so adorable. I show my husband all the photos that get posted! We are eager to be where they are 😉


40 week bUmpdate


Photo Caption: Junk in the trunk !!!!


How far along?   40 Weeks. 0 days left. ( Due date is April 24th – I also post the night before )

Size of baby? Sammy is about 20.1 inches long and average weight is 7 lbs 4 oz. . I had a weight ultrasound done yesterday and she was estimated to weigh 7lbs 15oz. According to the bump, she is the size of a jackfruit.

Maternity Clothes? Same stuff. I found a dress or two I can fit in. Dons basketball shorts and a t-shirt are my favorite when I get off work.

Weight Gain? 40 lbs as of yesterday. I refuse to gain any more. Typically the last few weeks of pregnancy you taper off or lose weight.

Stretch Marks? Mmmm -mmh. Haven’t found anymore (currently lower abdomen and my side boobies).

Sleep? I have been staying up really late (11pm-1am) but still getting enough sleep. The weather has been nice enough to leave the windows open which I HATE because anything and everything wakes me up ( not a new thing) and those spring birdies love to sing so early in the morning!

Missing anything? I am curious to know how life is without a belly. We went on our evening walk and I was goofing off. I began jogging for like 2.5 seconds and I think running is going to comical when I start back.

Craving anything? Nothing really! Peanut butter. I love peanut butter.

Any sickness? Nauseas!!!!

Baby Movement? Yep! She just moves back and forth to get comfortable.

Gender: GIRL!  

Belly Button:In the mornings it’s in, and the afternoons it’s out.

Labor Signs: I passed my mucous plug (at least I am pretty certain). I am still 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Baby Samantha is still head down (phew!) and in a good position for birth ! I have been having light inconsistent contractions (much like period cramps). I can tell they are contractions because they wrap around and are off and on VS being constant and just in the lower abdomen.

Mood: I am becoming impatient. Not impatient with baby but with people. It’s not anyone’s fault BUT my own and at least I realize that. The constant EVERYDAY questions about how am I feeling and has there been any changes has started bothering me. I know that people ask because they care and I am learning to appreciate that. It’s just hard.

Symptoms: Constipation, flatulence, Restless Leg Syndrome (like woah), lightening crotch, and hip discomfort. Doesn’t pregnancy sound so FUN !

Milestones: Made it to the due-date, bags packed and began the first steps of labor.

Looking Forward to: giving birth before my induction date (which is in two weeks).

Happy bUmpday !


39 weeks | Four days

I had a full day of work – 8am-5pm. My patients are so surprised to see me still working!

Today I was pretty nauseas all day with a lot of heart palpitations. I have a history with palpitations in early pregnancy ( mostly due to the production of blood for baby ) so my first assumption has been my body prepping for labor however I can’t find any literature to support my thought.

Tomorrow I have my midwife appointment along with an ultrasound so I will clarify any concerns with that. Last week my midwife mentioned induction at week 41 and I will be requesting to go to 42 ( assuming sam is stubborn enough to stay cozy). We haven’t been very pleased with my midwifery group. It’s possible they practice the way they do because of liability under the OBs. My doula has been great supporting us and our concerns regarding our midwifes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love her ! She probably thinks I crazy!

I have been exhausted since I got home from work and pushed through the last few hours so I could get a good nights rest. I have tomorrow off
from work – hooray !

Until then , goodnight!

Three days until due date