Phase 2 of Training

Phase 2 also known as balanced training started this week. 

During balanced training I will run 154.5 miles over 32 runs. This phase mixes fast paces and extended distances, creating a well rounded set of endurance and speed exercises to prime my body for the more focused phases later in my training. 

Mileage per run will range from 3 miles to 8.5 miles in this phase. The distance piles on quick too . Yikes ! 

So far, I have missed one run because I had a little to much fun the day before and decided to be lazy … Oops! Since then, I have realized how important this has become to me and that this  is a priority of mine. In order to be successful, I need to take care of my body to get through long runs. 

My routine is fairly simple. I run in the mornings. I’ve been getting up around 5 am for my 3 – 4.5 mile runs. Now that they will be extended, I will get up earlier. The heat and humidity here in central Florida is brutal! I did run in the afternoon last week and it was killer. 

Unfortunately, I have started to have left and right pinched siatic nerves. If you have ever had that while running its excruciating and continuing a run makes it worse. For the first time ever, I had to be picked up in the middle of my run. I thankfully had a chiropractor appt which helped a lot and should continue helping ! 

For the first time ever, I am actually starting to see physical benefits on my body from running ! It makes me want to keep going 😉 As far as my diet goes, I do eat what I want and I cannot continue doing that . An on going evaluation of what I eat is taking place and what I should do and not do.  So serious … Haha. I drink lots of water, anywhere from 1-3 liters ! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend . Happy Fathers Day !


Phase 1 of Training 

There are TONS of half marathon training plans out there, it is very important to find one that fits you. I was given a 12 week plan to use, and I was going to double that and make it 24 weeks. 

The more I researched, I stumbled upon the RUN app by My Asics. As you sign up – you answer a few questions based on your 5k and 10k performances. Those answers predict your half marathon finish time. My prediction is 2:13:38 and MY initial goal was 2:15 ! 

I just finished my first week of training. Nothing really exciting to talk about. The first three weeks are called the pre-conditioning phase. This phase allows your body to get adjusted to running frequently allowing you to train for the half marathon. The scheduled runs in this phase are ‘jogs’ or ‘comfortable runs’.  The training schedule suggest pace times for your runs so you don’t over do it. 

I run four times a week. I was worried that it was not enough training – however looking at other plans and talking with other runners,  four runs is a safe and steady amount of training for a week! 

Here is what my week looked like: 

I have had fast runs and I have had slower runs. The path I have been training on has a lot of inclines which will help me in the future ( I think?). We will find out 😉 

Don’t forget Wednesday is National Running Day ! 

Happy Monday 

Mom On The Run 

Well, Hello there! 

As you can see, I have pretty much abandoned my blog in the last month or two! I’ve been a busy lady! 

I was just sitting here contemplating on starting an additional blog that would purely concentrate on my journey training for my half marathons. Every blog name I thought of was taken… Then I started thinking about how I can’t even keep up with this blog – why have two!? 

So for now, future post will probably consist of Sam, running and food. I am sure there will be lots of random post here and there as well ! 

This week marks 24 weeks until my very first half marathon. I officially start my training tonight .. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I’ve maintained five miles since running my 10k but have been pretty relax on the how often and the quality of those runs ! 

I’m excited about my training and can’t wait to cross that finish line for the first time! 

Happy Running 😉

Kim to 10k | toes

I ran 6 miles and felt uh-mazing . I started running Saturday when it was 37 degrees and thought there was no way I was even making 3 miles. In my experience with running, I know not to wear many layers because it won’t stay on long (at least in Florida). I did wear a long sleeve as well as a sweat band to cover my ears! Within a mile, I was warm and enjoying my run!


If you ever see someone running and jamming out to their iPod at the same time … It’s probably me ! My music is very motivating to keep me going ….

Half marathon……HERE I COME! (Dec 2015). Running is addicting!

About my toes….

My toe nails have become very brittle since I have been running the long(er) distances. When I say brittle,I mean they are breaking in half or falling off – not such a pretty site for a flip flop wearing Florida girl! I’ve had to pay extra attention to my toesies !

Happy Running… (back to SNL) 😉

Kim to 10k | 5.2k race


Seasons 52 held a 5.2k race this morning. The weather was rainy and windy. Just as the 1min countdown for the race to begin, the rain held back long enough for me to complete the run without getting wet.

I felt great the entire run. I always feel like I get a little anxiety closer to the finish line, does anyone else get that feeling?

Pre-race photo


Happy Running 😉

Kim to 10k – feeling inadequate

Sunday… I kicked butt. I ran FIVE miles and I felt fabulous. I actually felt like all the hard effort and staying mind strong was paying off.


Monday I rewarded myself with a day off and Tuesday I did not run because
I felt like I was getting sick. I knew
I had to get back at it today to keep my groove going. I had planned on running about 4 miles but I leave that tentative until I am out running (based on how I am feeling).

I started off running and it was just a very awkward feeling stride, something I hadn’t felt before. I assumed my muscles were just a little sore after running on Sunday. I kept running and when I got to a mile, my lower back began to feel as it was on fire and began creeping all the way down to my ankles. During this training, I have kept head strong and pushed through the pain of not wanting to run or little aches here and there… However this pain was something I could not push through.

I stopped. I stretched. I walked back home. I even contemplated on getting a ride to the house.

I assume that my sciatic nerves on my left and right side are pinched causing this pain. From a 5 mile ‘easy’ run to a painful one mile run… I’m feeling a little inadequate and disappointed.

I’m hoping this isn’t going to be an ongoing problem!