Phase 1 of Training 

There are TONS of half marathon training plans out there, it is very important to find one that fits you. I was given a 12 week plan to use, and I was going to double that and make it 24 weeks. 

The more I researched, I stumbled upon the RUN app by My Asics. As you sign up – you answer a few questions based on your 5k and 10k performances. Those answers predict your half marathon finish time. My prediction is 2:13:38 and MY initial goal was 2:15 ! 

I just finished my first week of training. Nothing really exciting to talk about. The first three weeks are called the pre-conditioning phase. This phase allows your body to get adjusted to running frequently allowing you to train for the half marathon. The scheduled runs in this phase are ‘jogs’ or ‘comfortable runs’.  The training schedule suggest pace times for your runs so you don’t over do it. 

I run four times a week. I was worried that it was not enough training – however looking at other plans and talking with other runners,  four runs is a safe and steady amount of training for a week! 

Here is what my week looked like: 

I have had fast runs and I have had slower runs. The path I have been training on has a lot of inclines which will help me in the future ( I think?). We will find out 😉 

Don’t forget Wednesday is National Running Day ! 

Happy Monday 


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