Baby Blues

This morning I have been packing up Samantha’s cloths she no longer fits (3-6 months / 6 months). It makes me a bit sad, maybe because she is growing so quickly.

We all understand babies can’t stay a baby forever and I actually look forward to her growing. When I get to work on patients ages 2-4 it makes me wish she would grow quicker, but I also really enjoy her age now – she shows so much love towards me and her dad. I recently said ‘I love that you need me little girl.’ I meant that to the bottom of my heart. I love when she throws her hands up wanting me to pick her up, I love when she leans her head on my shoulder for comfort and I love that just loving on her can make he go from upset to happy!

She has been such a great addition to my life and I find myself question wether I would want another one. I would never want to show her any less love than I do now.

Does any other first time moms have these emotions at all ?

Happy friYAY 😉


Samantha | Three Months


This munchkin is growing like a weed and a lot of exciting milestones have happened this month.

Samantha has been smiling ALOT.
It’s the cutest. thing. ever. Just when you expect a little giggle to come out she just keeps smiling and smiling and smiling.

When doing tummy time she makes her way to her back by doing a sideways push up forcing a roll over. We are no where close to rolling back on to the stomach, ha!

She almost has full head control but still slight droopy. We started using her bumbo seat allowing her to sit up. She definitely prefers to be upright vs laying down.

She has discovered her hands. She plays a lot with her hands, feels different things and puts them in her mouth.

She follows things with her eyes ( left, right, up and down). Textures and patterns catch her interest. The little mice on her feet kept her occupied and couldn’t get a better picture for her three month shoot (see above).

The girl drools more than a Blood Hound and a St. Bernard combined ( kidding, kidding ). Is she teething already!?

She got her first necklace (unpolished raw amber), specifically for teething reasons…but it’s a little to big and I’m not risking my baby girl choking herself or on them. We will wait.

Mommy gave baby her first boo-boo by cutting her nail…but not her nail. Ekk, pDon’t judge.

Baby girl went swimming and didn’t cry! Wah-hoo

Enjoyed her first Fourth of July and slept right under the fireworks, didn’t budge once.

She wears 0-3 and 3 months cloths.
Size 1-2 diapers.
Loves to be swaddled at night.
Drinks 5 oz about every three hours.

….and just when you thought those smiles would lead to a giggle THEY DID. Baby giggles are so fun and adorable.

Love being a mom to this 3 month old



Today was my first day back to work. It was also Samantha’s first day at daycare (I like to call it school – just makes me feel better). I started getting questioned by friends and family last week about how I was feeling about going back to work and having someone else take care of Sam. Reality for me, even at the beginning of pregnancy, was for me to be a working mom. Never was it discussed for me to being a stay at home mom, and part of that was a decision on my own. When I replied to people asking me about my feelings, I got some puzzling responses. I was ready to get back to work. Of course, there is nothing better than snuggling and being close to my baby however, I wanted to get my family into a ‘routine’ where we could get on with our lives, make sense? I also was getting stir crazy sitting around the house the last week or two.

So how did it go?

My first day back working was great. I started fresh at a new job which I found to be awesome. I am hoping it stays that way. The office I am working at is all kiddos and is very busy. The staff is young and seems very friendly (complete opposite of my last job). The dentist is easy going and fun.

Samantha also had a great day according to the instructors (is that what they are called)? She rarely cried, ate when she wanted, did her business when she wanted and supplied lots of smiles for everyone to awe over. I let Don drop her off so I could focus on getting to my new job. I didn’t cry at all. During the few moments I had today, I did get a little anxious but I had new stuff to learn to ease my mind of that.

Today it was back to reality. Today was GREAT, better than I expected ! …. but I am tired !



Samantha’s Birth Story

My water broke around 2:30 p.m. when we were out for lunch. Previously discussed with my midwife, we would arrive at the hospital about 4-5 hours after this happened. She later stated that since non medicated natural birth was my plan, that 10hours would be okay since I was strepB negative. That put us at the hospital around 1:30 a.m.

I was not having any contractions or labor signs other than the premature rupture of membranes (PROM). Prior to arriving to the hospital we walked several times, used my breast pump (natural release of oxytocin), walking up and down stairs…nothing really worked. The breast pump did bring on long contractions but nothing worth noting and recording.

When we arrived at the hospital, we settled into triage for a short while before going into the birthing suite. The nurse in triage confirmed my water broke and checked me for effacement and dilation. If I remember correctly, I was still 1-2cm and 50% effaced just like I was at my prior midwife appointment.

Settled in to the birthing suite around 2:00-3:00 a.m. we used the time to get some sleep. The nurse we had we REALLY disliked. She was going to do everything possible to go against my birth plan starting with continuous monitoring. I was tired, so whatever! The lady even kept bringing up pitocin EVERY time she was in my room (every hour). Finally, the new shift came on and we had a young nurse who took me off the monitors but insisted I needed a saline lock. I figured I wouldn’t win this one because I was in a hospital setting, again…whatever.

My midwife came in checked me when she got to the hospital – I was 4-5 cm. I was getting small consistent contractions at this point. We would walk the halls for 20 minutes, come back and do the breast pump for 15
minutes, bounce and houla on the exercise ball and then it was time to hop back on the monitors. We did this for hours. Later in the afternoon, my midwife came back and no progression was made. She suggested to finish breaking my bag of water to see if that helped at all.

Ali, my midwife, was very understanding of our plan to stay away from as many interventions as possible. She explained to me that right now I had every odd against my birth plan. We wanted to go right, but my plan was going the complete opposite way. I tried to stay positive through the experience. After breaking my water completely my contractions did get stronger and very regular but I did not dilate any further. We stayed like this through the night (and shift change). I had met all the midwifes except one before labor so I was comfortable with the change. Of course the midwife that was on shift was the one I never had met.

She came in at some point Tuesday and recommended the pitocin. I didn’t have much of an option at this point, because things were getting unsafe for both Samantha and me. Actually I was pretty lucky they let me go the length of time without it (we were now at about 30+ hours after my water breaking on Sunday). I knew getting the pitocin, I was probably going to need either a pain medication or an epidural. I opted for the mild pain medication first.

At some point Samantha became face up and I was having the WORST back labor. The pain medication allowed me to doze off in between my contractions but did not ease any sort of pain. After about twenty minutes, which I thought was hours, I opted for the epidural. I discussed this with my husband and doula because it was completely off my birth plan. I was going off of no sleep they both thought it was be a good opportunity to get sleep, so I got it.

As much as I can remember, I went to sleep for a short period of time and waking up in so much pain telling my doula I need to push. Don was out getting dinner for himself and my mom. They both were calling and texting Don to hurry back. The midwife came in and checked me. I was fully dilated but cervix wasn’t quite thinned out and she told me not to push or I could rupture my cervix. I fought this for a good amount of time. The pain in my back was crazy bad and it felt good to push so I didn’t resist what my body was doing.

I probably called the midwife a handful of times begging her to start pushing and finally the last time she said we could start. When I was pushing she would turn Samantha . We would take breaks and I would cry to Don I just want a csection, can I please just have a csection! He assured me we had gotten this far and that I could do it.

After three hours of pushing, they called in the on call OB to prep me for a c-section. We tried every pushing position known to man before he had gotten there. He came in and decided to push with me a few times. He assured me I was so close I could do it. He did opt to use the vacuum, but stated he would only try three times before we had to head to the OR. The first two rounds of pushing the vacuum slipped. The third and final round, I gave it EVERYTHING (that I didn’t have) to get her out. When her head came out there was a pressure release I felt, I knew I had to continue to push to get her shoulders out, another two pushes and she arrived safely onto my chest. Don decided he wanted to cut the cord and I just laid there in awe and exhaust.

Samantha Leigh Greenberg was born on April 29, 2014 at 7:25 p.m. Happy and Healthy!


The downfall to the the longest labor ever was my exhaustion. I also ended up with a third degree perineal tear which I honestly feel may be worse than a c-section incision (that’s just my opinion)!

Sorry it took me so long to blog about her birth. Hope you all enjoyed reading.


Ole Bessy

Having Samantha has been such a growing experience for Don and I.

It has been a fun journey so far. Learning her cries, to dressing her for the day, there hasn’t been a moment where we have had any ‘oh sh*t! What are we doing’ thoughts {yet}.

Breast feeding has been a challenge. When we had to go back to the hospital for her jaundice the pediatrician required me to
pump milk and feed it to her so they could monitor her intake.

Of course, I wasn’t making nearly enough to give her all the nutrition she required as a newborn so we had to supplement with formula, boo! Since we have been pumping and bottle feeding the breast milk, she has lost the latch technique but we are patiently trying to relearn! The latch was hard to get initially because my boobs have so much edema that my nip nips are flat as a pancake and there isn’t much to latch to, so I have had to use a nipple shield. In addition to loosing the latch, my tatas are to large to tolerate a breast pump ( not getting enough milk out), so I am hand expressing ! I truly feel like ole’ Bessy being milked! Mooooo! Most of the hours in the day are spent making sure I have the next few feedings lined up for Sammie, feeding her and napping. Luckily I still have energy to try and do stuff around the house. Breast milk is like gold around here. Any amount spilled is detrimental to us ( not really , but when you work so hard for it… Literally).

I’ve thought about giving up the breast feeding just like I almost gave up on the vaginal delivery ( more on this later, I PROMISE), but I know I can do it.




The past 72 hours . . .

have been amazing. I thought I would share some photos until I can sit down and make a full blog post 😉


Samantha’s first picture ever ! She weighed 9.4 oz at delivery. EVERYONE was taken by suprise by her weight. She is now at 8lbs 7oz and still loosing a little weight (totally normal). I am getting annoyed with people calling her a ‘big’ girl!


I was in labor for a looooooong time; more on that later. I was so exhausted that we decided to supplement feed the evening she was born until I could have the time to be patient and focus on breast feeding the next morning.


Those lips 😉


Sweet girl!


She looks just like her daddy.


Daddy snuggle time caught on camera!


First bath at the hospital!


Mommy and baby selfie! Sorry I couldn’t resist!


First pediatrician visit!

Back to the hospital we go! She decided she needed a tan! Everything is just fine, just a little jaundice.



Baby girl got a quick break from the lights, so we grabbed some snuggle time.

So much love 😉


The Addition

A few weeks ago, we started looking for another dog to be Lola’s companion. It is very important to us that when we try to start a family not to have Lola feeling ignored or pushed away! We contacted the german shepherd rescue and found a GSD we wanted to ‘interview’ to see if he was the perfect fit! We were very excited and looking forward to bringing him home ! After 4 hours of driving , we came home empty handed and upset ! It wasn’t the perfect fit for us nor Lola. I believe there was Someone watching out for us!

Last Sunday we received a phone call about a puppy liter that had been dropped off at a rescue. Conveniently they were german shepherds , which doesn’t happen to often ! When I mentioned adding a new addition, we were thinking more along the lines of an older dog , not a new born. After much thinking , we decided to go and look at these puppies. They had only ONE male and that was our only criteria we had to have ! This was due to Lola’s alpha traits and usually having two females can cause dominance issues ( or so we have been told). HE WAS SO CUTE !


We did not make a decision right away! We both wanted to be 100% ! I was A-okay with bringing this little man home, however Don wanted to sleep on it ! The following day I received a message from him saying lets to look at him one more time , let her (the foster mom) know we will probably bring him home! We met with them again and we said YES!

We picked him up from the vet TODAY and brought him home to meet his sister Lola! His name is Sullivan aka Sully. I have had a name list going on my phone for quiet sometime and Sully was the first name ! He was being fostered at a house off Sullivan street! I think his name was destin!

When we brought Sully home, I took him to our neighbors yard a house or two down so we could introduce them on neutral territory! The introduction went well and a lot easier than I thought ! Lola has been accepting to the new addition and hopefully she will enjoy her new playmate !