Mom On The Run 

Well, Hello there! 

As you can see, I have pretty much abandoned my blog in the last month or two! I’ve been a busy lady! 

I was just sitting here contemplating on starting an additional blog that would purely concentrate on my journey training for my half marathons. Every blog name I thought of was taken… Then I started thinking about how I can’t even keep up with this blog – why have two!? 

So for now, future post will probably consist of Sam, running and food. I am sure there will be lots of random post here and there as well ! 

This week marks 24 weeks until my very first half marathon. I officially start my training tonight .. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I’ve maintained five miles since running my 10k but have been pretty relax on the how often and the quality of those runs ! 

I’m excited about my training and can’t wait to cross that finish line for the first time! 

Happy Running 😉


Kim to 10k | It’s here 

Race day is three days away… I’m excited! I have put consistent effort into training for this race and I feel well prepared. Out of all my running experiences, I have enjoyed this tremendously. I have been lucky and steered clear of chin splints and most runner aches and pains. I’m anxious to get of there and run. 

My goal time is 63:30-64:30! However.. If I finish without walking ( walking is not an option unless I’m injured badly) I will be just as satisfied! 

This week I am preparing by short runs, trying to get good sleep, a decent diet, no alcohol and lots of water! I drink about 2L of water a day anyhow. I will eat a small pasta dish friday – however from what I understand carbo-loading doesn’t do much unless your running 10+ miles (not my expertise, yet) 

I will continue running after this race. December is just right around the corner and I have officially signed up for the OUC half marathon! 13.1 here I come … I am only HALF crazy, right ? 

Happy Hump Day 😉 

Kim to 10k | toes

I ran 6 miles and felt uh-mazing . I started running Saturday when it was 37 degrees and thought there was no way I was even making 3 miles. In my experience with running, I know not to wear many layers because it won’t stay on long (at least in Florida). I did wear a long sleeve as well as a sweat band to cover my ears! Within a mile, I was warm and enjoying my run!


If you ever see someone running and jamming out to their iPod at the same time … It’s probably me ! My music is very motivating to keep me going ….

Half marathon……HERE I COME! (Dec 2015). Running is addicting!

About my toes….

My toe nails have become very brittle since I have been running the long(er) distances. When I say brittle,I mean they are breaking in half or falling off – not such a pretty site for a flip flop wearing Florida girl! I’ve had to pay extra attention to my toesies !

Happy Running… (back to SNL) 😉