Samantha | Nine Months





I have delayed Sam’s eight and nine month update long enough. Sorry 😉

We have two teeth. Two very sharp teeth. They erupted sometime between 7 and 8 months. I’m patiently waiting on 18 other teeth…c’mon already ..

Now that we have those, Sam is able to eat more solid foods. I give her bits and pieces of things I eat. She loves raisins 😉

Around 8 months she started holding onto things and walking. She will go around and around a table until I remove her. She tests herself by letting go. She will stand for a few seconds but purposely falls to her butt.

She loves her crib. When it’s bed time, I lay her on her stomach and she is good to go. At times, I hear her moving around, but she eventually falls asleep with no fussing. Don’t get me wrong,
We do have those moments where she just doesn’t want to go to sleep, and she screams until she goes to sleep… It’s rare, but it happens.

Her estimated weight is about 22lbs.

Sam has mastered the high five and clapping her hands.

She loves playing head butt.

She throws a fit when I sit down for dinner or when others are eating. Coordinating our dinners is just hard.


Sam is wearing 9 months and some 12 month clothes. She is in size three diapers, drinks formula and water. I tried diluted Apple juice and she did not like it. I’m fine with that.

The girl finally has some hair… still not
much but it’s something. Her eyes are green and oh so pretty 😉

I experienced her first fever of 103.3. She was very quiet and lethargic. She just wanted to lay there. No symptoms except a runny nose. Per the pediatrician, Tylenol was the only thing that could help and there was no reason for a visit unless it reached 105.0 (a little out of my comfort zone).

Those are the major things I can remember 😉 Hopefully I did not miss much!


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