Momma madness

We all have our llittle quarks and I’m about to tell you about one of mine !

I have mentioned this once or twice in a few post but I hate it when people call Samantha chubby, fluffy, big girl.. You get the point

On Saturday I was at a function and someone came up to sam, pinched her cheeks and repeatedly said ‘chunky baby, such a cute chunky baby’.


While I was watching this go on, my level of anger was rising quickly. I even started packing the diaper bag up to leave .

Conveniently, when I was telling Don it was time to go, a piece of cake was shoved in front of me. Ironic ? It shut me up enough to calm down and enjoy the rest of the event.

I really do hate it when people call sam names that refer to her weight and size. I’m not one of those people who think it’s cute.

Sam is a longer baby than most her age BUT she is not over weight , chubby, fluffy whatever the hell you wanna call it.

I’m sorry that your jealous of those cute little cheeks 😉

Happy Tuesday


One thought on “Momma madness

  1. Another Day in Mommadise says:

    Yea. Not cool. Some refer to my 6 month old daughter as “chubs” and it makes me want to high five their face with a brick. If only I could get away with it.

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