Funny me …

You can ask most of my family, that I have (in the past) made up my own words. Wether it’s random words in a sentence or lyrics to a song, someone was ways giggling.

I will admit that I do still make
Up song lyrics ( and so do you – don’t lie). There is one that really gets me….

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

I once got caught by my gf singing and she laughed while correcting me.

MY version … “Gets along with all the star bucks lovers”

Yeh .. BIG NO on that one.

The REAL song is … ‘Got a long list of ex-lovers’

It makes me giggle every time I hear it play. Even my friends text me when thy hear the song making comments about how it REALLY does sound like Starbucks lovers 😉

Just thought I would treat you to a little laugh !

Happy Friday


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