Kim to 10k – feeling inadequate

Sunday… I kicked butt. I ran FIVE miles and I felt fabulous. I actually felt like all the hard effort and staying mind strong was paying off.


Monday I rewarded myself with a day off and Tuesday I did not run because
I felt like I was getting sick. I knew
I had to get back at it today to keep my groove going. I had planned on running about 4 miles but I leave that tentative until I am out running (based on how I am feeling).

I started off running and it was just a very awkward feeling stride, something I hadn’t felt before. I assumed my muscles were just a little sore after running on Sunday. I kept running and when I got to a mile, my lower back began to feel as it was on fire and began creeping all the way down to my ankles. During this training, I have kept head strong and pushed through the pain of not wanting to run or little aches here and there… However this pain was something I could not push through.

I stopped. I stretched. I walked back home. I even contemplated on getting a ride to the house.

I assume that my sciatic nerves on my left and right side are pinched causing this pain. From a 5 mile ‘easy’ run to a painful one mile run… I’m feeling a little inadequate and disappointed.

I’m hoping this isn’t going to be an ongoing problem!


One thought on “Kim to 10k – feeling inadequate

  1. I hope you are feeling better by now. After a run it helps to foam roll, it hurts but you feel so much better afterwards. Also Epson salt baths are great! Happy recovery!

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