Kim to 10K Update

I think that I have been doing pretty well with running since I have decided to run a 10K. While the recent Holidays have put a slight damper in my running schedule ( whose gonna run on Christmas … NOT ME). I also feel old and decrepit. I ache so bad, but I have tried to not let that get in my way. I stretch before (despite what articles say) and after my runs BUT then I plop myself in bed and relax when its all over. My runs have been 30-40 minutes depending on the day and soon will go to 40-50minutes. The first and second mile are extremely rough for me, but when I get further into the run I feel amazing and almost euphoric ( I know that sounds weird). It gives me a boost of energy to continue to run however, I stop so I do not over do it and injure myself. My husband is a former cross country runner so I occasionally look to him for guidance and training help. From 5k running to now, he repetitively tells me, “Its not about the miles, its about the time.”  Its so hard to keep that in perspective especially since my goal is in MILES! I don’t use much to train with. I wear a Garmin running watch to help track my time ( and of course my distance even though its not necessary apparently) and a small ipod. I cant run with my phone OR much else because I feel like it holds my back. I have often looked for running partners but I think I enjoy running on my own more. I can run when I want to and at my own pace.

Thought I would share this running shirt I am currently obsessed with 🙂

il_570xN.424490348_szniIf you like it too, Click the photo for purchasing details 🙂

Happy Running to ALL  🙂




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