Samantha | Seven Months


November 29, Sam turned 7 months. It’s true they grow like a weed. It’s awesome watching her ability to learn new things and adapt them to her daily routines.

We continue with the ear infections, so at her check up they weighed her at 19.7lbs. I know Samantha is in the higher percentile for weight and length but she is not ‘fluffy’ nor is she ‘chubby’ as people like to call her. I get very aggervated when people say things like that.

Sam holds her bottle like a champ. We have started her on a sippy cup for a FEW sips of water during the week.

She is eating more solids and less formula. She absolutely HATES peaches (so far the only thing) and refuses to eat them.

She is crawling, pulling her self up, and standing. Sam is trying to stand on her own but she is not quiet there yet. We have had a lot of falls this month. When she falls, she starts crying and looking for us to get her. I tell her she is okay and smile really big until she starts laughing. Her laughs make my heart melt.

Still no teeth, but she is getting little bumps where her first incisors will be.

She had progressively gotten a little grouchy, I am blaming it on ears and teeth.


We enjoyed our first thanksgiving introducing her to new family she had not met.


Mommy dragged her to her first country concert! We had a lot of fun dancing together.


During FSU football games, Sam has observed a lot of clapping and cheering. She has started clapping her hands like we do. It’s the cutest thing ever.



3 thoughts on “Samantha | Seven Months

  1. Tammi McGivern says:

    She sure is pretty kim. She is the prettiest little girl I have seen in a long time. Hope all is well. Enjoy reading about your beautiful family 🙂

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