Samantha | Five Months


Yesterday was Sammy’s five month birthday. She has grown ALOT in one month, physically and mentally.

She rolls over and over and over, front to back, side to side, wherever she can go.

She can stand while holding onto something and she is almost crawling…

We are dabbling with solid foods… A little of BLW and some puréed foods. I’m not rushing solids, we are going to take our time because it makes me nervous.

Samantha … I meant SAMinole, has enjoyed her first couple of FSU football games and loves ‘TOUCHDOWN’, thanks to crystal 😉



She is a smiling machine, and is starting to make a lot of noises !!!!

She is wearing anything from 3 months to 6 months cloths. She is now wearing size 3 diapers, however they are a little big. She eats 6oz of formula, gets green beans and oatmeal occasionally.

We enjoyed a few beach trips, which she loves any type of water. She seems to fall asleep easily in the ocean because of the beach noises and the swaying back and forth.



She still sleeping though the night…Yes I am aware it will change, I don’t need to be reminded! I am guilty of still co-rooming… Maybe I ll shoot for the crib at 6 months. #dontjudge

Things we are looking forward to in the next month : crawling, more personality, teething, solids and HALLOWEEN COSTUME 🙂



One thought on “Samantha | Five Months

  1. Awww she is so cute!! She is so active!! That’s great!! Zoe is not a fan of moving around she still doesn’t roll over, she rather observes things. Funny how different babies are 🙂

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