Samantha | Three Months


This munchkin is growing like a weed and a lot of exciting milestones have happened this month.

Samantha has been smiling ALOT.
It’s the cutest. thing. ever. Just when you expect a little giggle to come out she just keeps smiling and smiling and smiling.

When doing tummy time she makes her way to her back by doing a sideways push up forcing a roll over. We are no where close to rolling back on to the stomach, ha!

She almost has full head control but still slight droopy. We started using her bumbo seat allowing her to sit up. She definitely prefers to be upright vs laying down.

She has discovered her hands. She plays a lot with her hands, feels different things and puts them in her mouth.

She follows things with her eyes ( left, right, up and down). Textures and patterns catch her interest. The little mice on her feet kept her occupied and couldn’t get a better picture for her three month shoot (see above).

The girl drools more than a Blood Hound and a St. Bernard combined ( kidding, kidding ). Is she teething already!?

She got her first necklace (unpolished raw amber), specifically for teething reasons…but it’s a little to big and I’m not risking my baby girl choking herself or on them. We will wait.

Mommy gave baby her first boo-boo by cutting her nail…but not her nail. Ekk, pDon’t judge.

Baby girl went swimming and didn’t cry! Wah-hoo

Enjoyed her first Fourth of July and slept right under the fireworks, didn’t budge once.

She wears 0-3 and 3 months cloths.
Size 1-2 diapers.
Loves to be swaddled at night.
Drinks 5 oz about every three hours.

….and just when you thought those smiles would lead to a giggle THEY DID. Baby giggles are so fun and adorable.

Love being a mom to this 3 month old



3 thoughts on “Samantha | Three Months

  1. Haha, love this!! I heard the drooling can be teething but around 3 month it starts, because baby starts to put everything in her mouth and the drooling keeps the bacteria and bad stuff out. Oh and don’t feel about cutting her nails, when I clipped her for the first time, I almost cut off her thumb. We both were crying so hard! Since then I refuse to do it and my husband takes over that task 🙂

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