Samantha | Two Months


IMG_1849Yesterday was Samantha’s two month mark. It has been a wonderful two  months with her. We go this week for her doctors appointment, so I can update her stats later this week. She will also be getting her first round of vaccines.

{UPDATE 7/2/14} Samantha did surprisingly well at her two month checkup. She received 5 vaccine shots and 1 oral vaccine. Of course, she cried during the shots but as soon as I picked her up and consoled her she was fine. That’s my girl! She is in the 99th percentile for her height (length?), 75th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for her head circumference. Unfortunately this cold that she has had lead to an ear infection but fortunately we haven’t had to experience the painful achy cries and she will begin her antibiotics.

This month she met her other two great grandmas and her great grandfather. She is blessed to have them around, most people are not fortunate to be able to meet great grandparents.


She met her friend Anna who was born two weeks after her. Her mother, Devan, is a colleague of mine.

IMG_1788Baby girl had her first picnic, but was short lived due to the hot, wet heat we have here in Florida. She had a heat rash that would get bad in any amount of heat we were in, but luckily she has grown out of that.

This month she has started to smile in response to hearing our voices. Her sight has improved by following things from left to right. When she lays on her play mat, she swats at toys. She kicks like she is on the swim team.

Samantha has been switched to formula. I made my goal of 6 weeks breast feeding, which I am proud of. It was a lot of work for me and decided to be selfish and stop. She has been amazing on formula and now I have time to do stuff.

She has been in daycare for two weeks now. She has developed her first stuffy nose and it WONT GO AWAY. I think that she passed whatever on to me, because I have the sorest of sorest throats and I am miserable. I almost wanna say its worse than labor but I am not going their yet.

I retired all of her newborn cloths last week. She is wearing mostly 0-3 and some 3 months. Its crazy how out fit to outfit can be so different. She is still is size 1 diapers. Samantha is still sleeping through the night. She eats about 4oz every 2-3 hours.

IMG_1828IMG_1763I am looking forward to another month ( AND MANY MORE)




4 thoughts on “Samantha | Two Months

  1. Good luck with the shots, I would suggest to buy baby tylenol before and bring it to your appointment. The pediatrician will tell you how much to give her. This way you can avoid fever. Around 2 months Zoe had her first cold, too. It lasted about 2 weeks, hope your little sunshine feels better very soon!!!

  2. Oh she is just a doll! I love the swimsuit and also the big flower headband 🙂 You’re making me ache for a girl! Hope all went well with her shots… I’ve been putting those off because of all the craziness lately, but I’ll need to buckle down and get them soon.

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