Postpartum update

I am 5 weeks postpartum this week. The beginning was tough. Handling a newborn, caring for my third degree perineum tear, trying to figure out breast feeding and all of the normal daily life routines, it was definitely a lot
to juggle. As time passes, things have become easier. I am eager to get a routine back although that requires me to go back to work and put my snug bug in daycare ..::sigh::..

Handling a newborn

Some new moms and dads may disagree, but I don’t find it as hard as what people make it seem. A lot of people truly try and scare you about having a child or at least that’s what it seems. Yes, when you can’t get a screaming newborn to calm down it’s frustrating and heartbreaking but it’s not the end of the world and whether it’s 2 min or 2 hours it will end. I’ll be honest here, I have found myself
comparing a newborn to a puppy, atleast your newborn isn’t running around pooping everywhere. It’s all contained right in your arms (and sometimes on you). I’ll let you know If I still feel this way down the road.

Caring for my third degree tear

My battle wound. The first two weeks were brutal. Not. Gonna. Lie. A tear from the front to the back (if you didn’t already know) is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I almost find it worst the having a c-section, but can’t honestly compare because I haven’t had a c-section. I had to take stool softeners daily, stick to a soft diet, use a peri-bottle after every bathroom use and take/apply medications as needed. More stuff I had to do on top of loving on my newborn. It sucked. I looked at it ALOT, wondering if it would heal quick and look normal. Hey! I even offered to show some of my best pals my battle wound – but I had no takers! My husband even flinched when I asked him to look. It’s healing and has a lot more healing to do but doesn’t require the high maintenance care it did before!

Breast feeding

If you read my prior post of breastfeeding, you know how things started. If you didn’t, go read it 😉 since this post I have tried my pump again. I want to throw that POS out of the window. I tried different size flanges and still get barely any milk. I can hand pump 3oz in a matter of minutes, it would take me 3 hours to get that on my electric pump. Hand pump meaning my bare hands.. Not a manual pump. Speaking of manual pump- I bought one today – same story – barely any milk – that’s getting thrown out the window as well. Good news though, I have since gotten a latch from Samantha so I feed her by breast a few times and I still continue to bottle feed breast milk. I am content with how things are now so forget the fancy pumps, I am doing this old school!

Other postpartum facts

I am almost down to pre-pregnancy weight.

I rarely craved much during pregnancy, however the first few weeks after delivery I craved sweets so much.

I still feel like I am ‘nesting’ maybe even more than during pregnancy.

No baby blues here 😉

I think that’s a wrap, Happy hump day !



3 thoughts on “Postpartum update

  1. Oh the tearing- something I def fear…I love your attitude with breastfeeding and making it work the way your body needs. I hate saying this- but really is any other phrase appropriate?- You go girl! 😉 Telling pumps to take a hike and hand expressing- that is some good mother loving stuff!! Samantha is so lucky to have such a dedicated Mama 🙂

  2. I’m scared to say it out loud, but I totally agree that caring for a newborn is not as hard as I thought either. Some moms look at me and hate me for saying this. I think it a lot depends on your attitude. If you are relaxed and go with the flow (aka the baby) you will be fine. Just don’t stress over schedule or anything else, just do what makes you and the baby happy! And Enjoy!!

  3. Sounds like you are doing great!! Glad to hear all is going well. I will confirm that your tear was probably worse than my c-section incision…since the incision never hurt a bit…I am so sorry that you had to go through that- it’s amazing what a momma will endure for her baby!

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