Samantha | One month

I have tried getting in the shower three times this morning but each time I think I have satisfied her cries, another one comes. So I have decided to sit and write this while I have her some what calm.

Today Samantha is one month old.


At her one month appointment yesterday, she is 10lbs 2.5oz , 22.5inches long.

At 2 weeks old, she lost her cord stump and had her first bath. Her baths seem to go pretty well as long as we keep water splashing on her to keep her warm.


She also had her first shot ( Hepatitis B vaccine) at two weeks old and cried only for 5 seconds, though I won’t be expecting such a calm reaction next time.

She started going out in public around 2 to 3 weeks. Her first outings included target and publix. Mommy and baby shared a first together…. The commuter train ( sunrail ). I have never been on a train.

She has met both set of grandparents and one great grandma. (she has two other great grandmas and one great grandpa to meet).

Samantha has very strong leg and arm strength. Her pediatrician was quiet surprised. She has started following things with her eyes and holding her head up.

She has a ‘stork bite’ on her left eyelid, which will disappear by age two.


She eats like a pig in the morning and towards the evening tapering off to every 3-4 hours. She wakes up around 10 or 11pm and once around 3 to 4 am. Samantha slept through the night TWICE this week, however I still have to wake up and pump. Samantha is primarily fed breast milk and may be given a formula bottle here and there. Yes, I am still hand expressing my milk …

She loves sleeping on my chest. Her (our) favorite swaddle blankets are Aden and Anais. She will only take a MAM pacifier, which we have now stocked up on.


She is still wearing her newborn cloths, believe it or not. She can fit into 0-3month and some 3 month cloths. We have her in size one diapers although they are slightly big.

She has had two pool days this month (YES in the shade and NO she didn’t get in).



Here is to many many many more months 😉



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