Ole Bessy

Having Samantha has been such a growing experience for Don and I.

It has been a fun journey so far. Learning her cries, to dressing her for the day, there hasn’t been a moment where we have had any ‘oh sh*t! What are we doing’ thoughts {yet}.

Breast feeding has been a challenge. When we had to go back to the hospital for her jaundice the pediatrician required me to
pump milk and feed it to her so they could monitor her intake.

Of course, I wasn’t making nearly enough to give her all the nutrition she required as a newborn so we had to supplement with formula, boo! Since we have been pumping and bottle feeding the breast milk, she has lost the latch technique but we are patiently trying to relearn! The latch was hard to get initially because my boobs have so much edema that my nip nips are flat as a pancake and there isn’t much to latch to, so I have had to use a nipple shield. In addition to loosing the latch, my tatas are to large to tolerate a breast pump ( not getting enough milk out), so I am hand expressing ! I truly feel like ole’ Bessy being milked! Mooooo! Most of the hours in the day are spent making sure I have the next few feedings lined up for Sammie, feeding her and napping. Luckily I still have energy to try and do stuff around the house. Breast milk is like gold around here. Any amount spilled is detrimental to us ( not really , but when you work so hard for it… Literally).

I’ve thought about giving up the breast feeding just like I almost gave up on the vaginal delivery ( more on this later, I PROMISE), but I know I can do it.





4 thoughts on “Ole Bessy

  1. Oh, she is precious!! You’re doing great, momma. I’m sorry that breastfeeding is proving to be so difficult for you…the first couple weeks were pretty rough for me too. Everyone says it does get better and I believe it will for you as well. I can’t wait to read your birth story. Hang in there and don’t give up on the breastfeeding…your body was made for this.

  2. Sorry to hear breast feeding is such a challenge! I also had issues with flat nipples, she latched on, but not correctly, so it hurt A LOT! It was almost worse than my contractions! After 2 weeks the pain eased up. Hang in there with breast feeding, it is so worth it!!! I know pumping is a pain, but I’m sure you will get used to it and like so many things it will get easier.

  3. Love seeing pictures of your sweet little lady!!! Hoping things will get better with the feedings- it sounds like you are doing an AMAZING job considering the obstacles. God Bless you THREE!! (4 actually, can’t forget the pup :-))

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