The past 72 hours . . .

have been amazing. I thought I would share some photos until I can sit down and make a full blog post 😉


Samantha’s first picture ever ! She weighed 9.4 oz at delivery. EVERYONE was taken by suprise by her weight. She is now at 8lbs 7oz and still loosing a little weight (totally normal). I am getting annoyed with people calling her a ‘big’ girl!


I was in labor for a looooooong time; more on that later. I was so exhausted that we decided to supplement feed the evening she was born until I could have the time to be patient and focus on breast feeding the next morning.


Those lips 😉


Sweet girl!


She looks just like her daddy.


Daddy snuggle time caught on camera!


First bath at the hospital!


Mommy and baby selfie! Sorry I couldn’t resist!


First pediatrician visit!

Back to the hospital we go! She decided she needed a tan! Everything is just fine, just a little jaundice.



Baby girl got a quick break from the lights, so we grabbed some snuggle time.

So much love 😉



3 thoughts on “The past 72 hours . . .

  1. Oh my word! She is so perfect in every way! Good job, momma! Can’t wait to hear the birth story! Enjoy the days when she’s so new… Soak in every moment 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love the one of you kissing her forehead. It only took me forever to figure out how to comment on your page haha. 🙂 I hope you’re healing well and I’m praying for your milk to come in! Don’t give up. It’s a lot of work but worth it. xoxo

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