39 weeks | Four days

I had a full day of work – 8am-5pm. My patients are so surprised to see me still working!

Today I was pretty nauseas all day with a lot of heart palpitations. I have a history with palpitations in early pregnancy ( mostly due to the production of blood for baby ) so my first assumption has been my body prepping for labor however I can’t find any literature to support my thought.

Tomorrow I have my midwife appointment along with an ultrasound so I will clarify any concerns with that. Last week my midwife mentioned induction at week 41 and I will be requesting to go to 42 ( assuming sam is stubborn enough to stay cozy). We haven’t been very pleased with my midwifery group. It’s possible they practice the way they do because of liability under the OBs. My doula has been great supporting us and our concerns regarding our midwifes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love her ! She probably thinks I crazy!

I have been exhausted since I got home from work and pushed through the last few hours so I could get a good nights rest. I have tomorrow off
from work – hooray !

Until then , goodnight!

Three days until due date



One thought on “39 weeks | Four days

  1. I’m sorry you are not happy with your midwife. I had some issues with my OB. That can be very frustrating, especially during pregnancy when you are on the edge anyway.

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