39 weeks | Three days

Not much has changed ! I am actually kind of glad we didn’t have Samantha today. I thought it would be great for her to be born on Easter but 4/20 ? Yeh I ll take another few days of pregnancy before having that as a birthday.

Today we just kept busy to keep our minds off what’s to come. We spruced up the back patio by adding another sitting area. We love to entertain during the warmer months year around so there are always seats needed 😉


We also started a new netflix series called Orange is the new black. Not to bad!

I have noticed less movement today. Could he another sign of labor process beginning, but is also nerve racking. My belly button may or may not be an innie any longer – I will share at my 40week bUmpdate.

I was supposed to head to church last night however , that did not happen nor did I make the two morning services. Finally I showered and had a dress montage to see what few dresses I had would fit (if any). The one Easter looking dress I had was the only one the ‘fit’ and it was slightly uncomfortable. Don called my belly ‘my little Easter egg’. Sam and I made to it the evening service, phew.


Church was great but I seemed to get emotional. Was it because I am pregnant or to see the handful of people choose to become children of
God? Perhaps both ? Do you remember your spiritual birthday? I do… January 22, 1997.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter ! 4 days until Samantha’s due date.



2 thoughts on “39 weeks | Three days

  1. You look awesome!! Glad you’re feeling well. I seriously can’t wait for her to decide it’s time to come out. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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