39 Weeks | One Day

The anticipation is killing me. Seriously ! It’s ALL I think about minute to minute, whether I am working on a patient or waking up in the middle of the night . When will Samantha come?

I am going on one full week of mild-moderate period-like cramping and that’s it. Am I crazy for wanting these contractions to start {the real ones} ? I pray for patience every day and a safe arrival for our baby.

Week 39 day 1 was uneventful! Nothing but the cramping and occasional lightening crotch. Engage baby! Engage! I got off work, came home and passed out for an hour. My husband conveniently took a photo of sleeping beauty – NOT! I was in a very good sleep but a very uncomfortable position. Any pregnant woman would probably agree that good sleep is better than being comfortable – we are always uncomfortable at this stage, right? Good sleep is pretty rare these days.


We have spent the evening relaxing on the couch relaxing enjoying the quietness while we are watching movies. I keep looking around trying to find something to clean and organize.

Onto 39 weeks 2 days!



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