39 week bUmpdate


I don’t care for any of my bump photos because the cloths I wear make each week look completely different. Some of my early weeks look bigger than my later weeks. Boo!

How far along?   39 Weeks ; FULL TERM ; 7 days to go !

FULL MOON was on April 15 . . . Nothing happened. Clearly !

Size of baby ? Sammy is about 20.0 inches long and estimated to weigh 6lb 16oz. I am excited to know what her actually weight will be compared to literature readings vs. ultrasounds. She has been a little higher than the average according to her ultrasounds. I was born at 8lbs8oz. According to the bump, Samantha is the size of a WATERMELON.

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes? Nothing new. I am sick of how quick the repeat.

Weight Gain? 40lbs . I had a midwifre appt Tuesday and boy was that fun. Literally thought she was going to push the baby out of me kind of fun.

Stretch Marks? Still the light ones on my lower belly and small ones on the side of my boobies.

Sleep? Er’ sleep? I don’t know if I am just anxious about her getting here but sleep isn’t as great as it has been. I am expecting to go into labor in the middle of the evening. Why? I have no idea. It’s that the way it goes on teen mom, movies and birthing shows, right?

Missing anything? Nothing this week really…, maybe my tan? I am pale as a ghost which is unusal for me. I am truly trying to enjoy these last few days of being pregnant. I can’t let the enjoyment end this far.

Craving anything? Nothing.

Any sickness? I have been more nauseas the last week then I have been my entire pregnancy

Baby Movement ? It is typical small movements, especially the limb in my right side. I rub it all the time! I am wondering if she will like that when she is out of the womb. I have been feeling her move since week twenty-something and I have never been able to feel her hiccup . I FINALLY started to feel her hiccups this past Saturday. It’s so cute.

Gender: GIRL!  

Belly Button: Still an innie trying to be an outtie.

Labor Signs: Lots of cramps ( menstrual type cramps ). COME ON CONTRACTIONS!

Mood: I hate saying that ‘I am over it’. I don’t really know that I am. I am truly just over the weight gain. It is so tough on my hips, knees, and feet. I wish she would come because I am tired of working pregnant .

Symptoms: Constipation, heartburn, left groin / nerve pain, pelvic pressure, RLS, lightening crotch ( yes this is real),

Milestones: Bags are completely packed and ready to go. House is stocked with supplies for a newborn.

Looking Forward to: The adventure of labor / delivery and knowing that our baby girl could be here any day now. Unfortunately there is the possibility of going to 42 ( yikes) weeks.

I am considering doing a blog post daily until she has arrived however that sounds better typing it then actually going through with it so we will see.

Happy bUmpday !



3 thoughts on “39 week bUmpdate

  1. Eeeeek you are so close! I second what jofriday said about enjoying the end of your pregnancy – I know the days are just dragging on but I promise you they fly by once baby is here! Hope you’re feeling well! xo

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