Weekend Recap

No baby yet ! {sigh} … She will come when God has intended her to , I just pray that it’s sooner rather than later! Thinking I could potentially be pregnant for an additional 3-4 weeks tires me out !!!!

Friday was a whole day full of curiosity . A lot of cramping and movement. I thought movement was pretty slim at the stage in the game so I was certain I caused her to flip ( read last post ). I made it through work with just mild – moderate period type cramping – not a single contraction that I am aware of. I got home and just relaxed in bed for a little bit while we decided on what we were doing the evening ! We decided to do our monthly Costco run , and go to dinner. Nothing special !

Saturday I woke up and went to yoga, but my memory was incorrect with the class time by an hour early and this girl didn’t have time to wait. I went home and did some major nesting to try and finalize our house for baby girls arrival ! It still doesn’t feel well prepared , will it ever? We ran several errands Saturday to return unnecessary items and purchase last minute things . That wore me out !!!! This whole weight gain thing, is exhausting ! Saturday night we spent time with friends for birthday and homecoming celebrations – I was wide awake when we got home and didn’t head to bed till about 2:00am. My stomach seemed to get upset. I was excited because literature says that your body cleans it self out as you prepare for labor !!! Was this another sign it is happening soon ?

Sunday we sterilized bottles and breast pump equipment. Continued organizing and getting rid of stuff we just didn’t need laying around! I can assure you there is still more to do .

For once my two day weekend seemed long and relaxing – even though we stayed busy !

Tomorrow is a FULL MOON and a RED/PINK MOON 😉 Today marks TEN days till her due date .

How was your weekend !


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. You are nesting like nuts, lady! How fun! She’s going to be here before you know it. Tell her to come tomorrow so our little ones can share a birthday!!

    • Everything drives me crazy right now – nothing is cleaning enough but I am ‘to big’ to get where I want lol ! I can’t believe you are having you baby tomorrow … I am looking forward to hearing ALL about it !!!!! Early congrats 😉 I’m excited for you

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