Is it here ?

Everyone is different . Some women’s water breaks, some have contractions and some have cramping . Last night I started the miles circuit , a few exercises to get Samantha in the optimal birthing position. I felt like Samantha was taking a turn for the worst ( turning breech ) so I stopped , relaxed and got on my birthing ball to houla and bounce to get her back down and hopefully engaged. Not gonna lie, the little exercise wore me out ( can’t wait to have the endurance to exercise again )!

I decided to get in the shower, wash my hair and shave after all of that. By this time it was 9:30ish. I did all of my evening grooming and hopped into bed. Laying down I started to have mild period like cramping, which I have experienced off an on through my pregnancy. I dozed off to my night sleeps. As usual, I woke up to empty my bladder but noticed I was still cramping. I kept telling my self It’s nothing and not to get excited.

I woke up, still cramping and felt extremely tired . I honestly thought I had gotten good sleep. All day I have still had this mild constant dull cramping in my lower belly sometimes extending to my back and stayed exhausted feeling.

Is this it ? Is this the start of labor or is my body playing tricks on me ? We shall see , HAPPY FRIDAY !


10 thoughts on “Is it here ?

  1. This is how it started for me! I had light cramping from 8pm until noon the next day then it slowly got a little more than late cramping. Thinking of you and hope all goes well!! Please keep us updated!!

  2. How exciting! I’ve been having the cramps on and off too but nothing consistent. I hope this is it for you and baby girl stays head down for you! I’ll be checking up on your blog all the time hoping to see baby news!

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