38 week bUmpdate

38 weeks

Pure Comfort is what I am going for these days.


How far along?   38 Weeks; FULL TERM; 14 days to go !

FULL MOON on April 15 – which is 5 days away . . . any bets?

Size of baby ? Samantha is about 19.6 inches in length and average weight for 38 weeks is 6lbs 11oz. Last weeks ultrasound estimated her weight being 7.1 oz but again, the inaccuracy rate for ultrasounds measurements is high. According to the bump she compares to a pumpkin!

Maternity Clothes? Uh . Everything is uncomfortable. Everything. A muumuu sounds kind of nice right about now.

Weight Gain? 40 lbs. I gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks. Gah!

Stretch Marks? Another interesting change. In one week, I have since found stretch marks on my lower belly around my panty line. This is one of the most undesired, feared symptoms for women during this experience. I honestly just keep telling myself ITS ALL WORTH IT. I don’t have time to pity myself over something that is caused by something I have been blessed with, that some women have trouble, or never get to do. Am I upset? I would be lying if I said no, but they have made their appearance and there is nothing I can do but keep oiling to prevent them from getting worse OR getting more. End of story!

Sleep? Sleep is okay. Nothing has changed. Still peeing a lot in the middle of the night, but I drink TONS of water through the day and night.

Missing anything? Exercising especially running, laying flat on my stomach, having a  flat stomach and a small appetite

Craving anything? Nothing. . . Boring I know!

Any sickness? None.

Baby Movement ? Yep. Just small movements. I can definitely feel when she gets deep in my pelvis. I just wish she would stay there!

Gender: GIRL!  

Belly Button: It’s somewhat flat. Top part is deflecting outward.

Labor Signs:No contractions. My cervix is completely closed. I am 30-40% effaced and -2 station.

Mood: Still nesting but I am so tired. I left work a little early today because I just don’t have the energy late in the afternoons. I have been teetering in my mind whether I am going to take leave a week before my due date.

Symptoms: Constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, left groin / nerve pain, pelvic pressure, RLS, and lightening crotch ( yes this is for real ). Swelling has taken a permanent role in my life, which I am hoping contributes to the weight gain.

Milestones: None this week. I am going to start doing the Miles circuit, along with continuing my exercise ball workouts. We need to get this baby down !!! I have been doing some massive ‘cramming ‘ for labor, delivery and post partum . Reading about four different books each night. I will share these reads along with my pregnancy apps I have used ( post for tomorrow ?)

Looking Forward to: I am looking forward to getting this baby out but when she is ready, of course. I know that is such a difference in what I said last week but I am there.

Happy bUmpday !



5 thoughts on “38 week bUmpdate

  1. You are soooo close!!! I actually love the outfit- Old Navy pants? I also enjoyed learning about Lilghtning Crotch…if I do get it I am sure my husband will be all over discussing how my vajayjay has super powers 😉 I hope the next week or two goes smooth as can be and little Samantha will take this time to continue to grow (at normal rates) and get herself prepared to make her debut!

    • Thanks 😉 actually my pants are from Costco – they are nautica 😉 I love Costco !!! Have you read belly laughs from Jenny McCarthy ? I literally read it in three days and I was always laughing out loud and my husband would ask me to read the chapters out loud – he enjoyed it as well . You and your hubby probably would also !!!! Hope you had a good day.

      • I haven’t read it but I have heard REALLY good things..maybe something I should pick up : ) There’s a Costco a couple towns away…I may just have to give that a shot too!! Happy Friday hope you, your hubby and Samantha enjoy the weekend!!! Who knows it could be the last one where she’s in your belly 🙂

  2. You might be closer than you think!! I’m not sure if it helped me or not, but I walked every day with my dog. Not far and not fast, but being active might have helped.

  3. I’m with you on a lot of that! I’m up to 38lb weight gain and gaining about 2lbs/week. So crazy. I’m also pretty swollen so let’s hope that’s the cause. I know how much it sucks to get stretch marks…especially because you were SO close to making it without them…BUT it definitely is for a worthy cause and I bet that yours aren’t as bad as the ones that cover my hips and lower left belly 😉 I totally feel ya on the clothing thing…since my maternity leave started, I’ve worn nothing but the same pair of sweat pants, my husband’s boxers, and big, baggy t-shirts. I’ve just given up on being that “cute pregnant lady” haha. I personally think you should stop working ASAP…maternity leave is THE best.
    Oh, and I also think you should have her on the 15th! Our little ones could be birthday buddies! Ok…that’s all..sorry about the long reply!

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