37 week bUmpdate | FULL TERM |

37 weeks

Photo was taken in a rush because Don had to run to home depot and I didnt want to wait. I was screaming for comfort when I get home from work, sorry about the wardrobe.


How far along?   37 Weeks ; FULL TERM ; 21 days to go !

FULL MOON on April 15 – which is 13 days away . . . Bring it !!! Apparently the L&D is crazy busy on evenings with full moons!

Size of baby ? Sammy is about 19.1 inches long and average weight is 6lbs 5oz . According to the bump, she is the size of a Winter Melon ?? ( Couldn’t tell you what that is ). We had an ultrasound yesterday and she was measured at 7.1oz. I have been worried about her size ( kind of large ) however, after reading some research articles, over 50% of ultrasound measurements are incorrect and lead to women having unwanted / unplanned c-sections… Anyways, to my prego (and soon to be prego) readers. . . Don’t let someone tell you, YOU have to have a c-section, do you research first :0)

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes?My neighbor let me borrow some maternity shorts. HALLELUJAH! PRAISE JESUS!

Weight Gain?33 lbs!

Stretch Marks? Organic, refined coconut oil is amazing. Use it ladies! I hope I can continue to have the same feeling these last few days. I still have slight hints on the sides of my breast but they are small and I am not that worried about those.

Sleep?I wake up to pee once an hour probably. The quality of my sleep is nothing to complain about. The comfort can get aggravating sometimes but what can I do. It’s actually more comfortable for me to sleep on my right side than left.  Getting out of bed is pretty interesting these days. I cant sit up and just get off. I have to literally roll off like a pig on its back ! There are sound effects that go along with that as well.

Missing anything? Exercising, laying on my stomach, flat stomach, a cold beer , my bathing suits…

Craving anything? Nothing. . . Boring I know!

Any sickness? No ‘morning’ sickness, however I have this terrible dry cough that is getting worse. Today my allergies decided to say hello again. Looks like I will be doing some oil pulling tonight ( another amazing feature of coconut oil … more on this later ). Nothing more miserable than having an allergy attack while being pregnant.

Baby Movement ?She is squished, that’s for sure, however that makes her movements more prominent and awkward. I am pretty certain that her knee has been the one thing that pokes out of my right side. I don’t mean poke, I mean poke as it looks like I might have a third arm growing out of my side. Love it though.

Gender: GIRL!  

Belly Button:Its awkward. The outer portions are deflecting outward trying so hard to come out, but the very middle is holding on for dear life stay in. We MIGHT just make it to the end with an innie.


So whats a bUmpdate without the real stuff, right? Well …here goes, Late third trimester, women can experience a heavier discharge than normal, well I am there. I almost thought it was my mucous plug escaping to start the labor process, but I don’t think that’s the case. I was kind of excited but I am kind of happy it’s not because I am being selfish and happy to hold Samantha in ALL FOR MYSELF for a few more weeks. I am already being stingy about sharing her with hubby, family and friends. Some mild cramping here and there. I still haven’t had Braxton Hicks Contractions, wondering if I ever will ? Our ultrasound yesterday showed Samantha upside down, head in my pelvis, staring out my right side. Wooooooo !

Mood: I cant come home with out cleaning something. Its driving me crazy with an F ! F— Dogs shedding, F— dust, F— dirt . . .Im over it. Does it ever end ? Anyone read Jenny Mcarthys Belly Laughs? She talks about the crazy psycho pregnant girl that pops out of no where… I am there. I can assure you don’t want to meet her. Just ask Don I am sure he can give you the details.

Symptoms: Constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, left groin / nerve pain, pelvic pressure, RLS. I am sure there is something I forgot.

Milestones: Made it to full term. Hospital bag is semi-packed. Finished our prenatals with our doula, Graduated from our high-risk specialist, and installed carseats!


Looking Forward to: don’t think I am crazy , but I am looking forward to labor and giving birth …

Happy bUmpday !



5 thoughts on “37 week bUmpdate | FULL TERM |

  1. This was such a great bUmpdate! I am happy you shared all you did, I like to know what to expect! Do you have any suggestions or helpful hints for relieving/preventing heartburn/indigestion? I am now experiencing it and would rather not if possible…most say “get used to it”..lol.

    • My midwife suggested tums, tums, tums, tums, tums ! I haven’t eaten them like she suggested because I am constantly eating stuff that I know will give me heart burn – water these days gives it to me. Zantac ( ranitidine) is also safe for you while your expecting ( per research and my midwife ). If you want natural relief I would google search homeopathic relief for acid reflux / heart burn .. ( I am actually going to do that now hehe ) . Hope you have a good day !

      • At first I was trying to drink water thinking I could flush it out or something..I obviously don’t understand how the digestive system works- after doing that I read “when you drink water it makes more juices to digest- causing greater indigestion” yay. I gave in and took a Zantac as my Doctor suggested (she also said Tums, but they’ve never done much for me in the past and this was TERRIBLE). I’ll try some natural stuff too- I’d rather not reply on Zantac if I can. Happy day to you as well!

  2. It’s getting close, very exciting!!! Don’t worry too much about the ultrasound measurements and weight, my doctor didn’t even share with me, he just said, it’s all were it should be. Too much information can sometimes drive you crazy!

    My labor started when a storm came to our area. They say full moon and extreme weather changes can start labor. Can’t wait for your baby announcement post!

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