The reality of being a mom… well soon to be !

I used to say I couldn’t wait to have an adult beverage after Samantha arrives. While I still long to have a FULL glass of wine, a margarita and a REAL beer, reality is my late night bar trips and waking up with hang overs are long gone. I AM 100% OK WITH THAT ! As people clink glasses of wine and beer at dinner tables and giggle when they hit my water glass, I can almost guarantee to hear a comment regarding my beverage of choice, ‘ Oh we will drink one for you, Kim,’ ‘Don’t drink too much water, you have to drive’ ‘I bet your jonesin’ to have a drink.’ I just giggle under my breath and kindly say ‘ I have much more to enjoy than an alcoholic drink’ as I rub whatever body part is sticking me in the ribs at that time ( knee, elbow, butt ?).

While I have been on the pregnancy train, my way of thinking has taken a turn at the fork in the road. Unfortunately a small percentage of moms do miss this fork in the road and forgo the responsibilities a mom must take on (quiet sad). Anyways. . . We have created a baby. A baby who depends on me, as her mom, to feed her. I have been given the maternal instinct to provide my child with nutrients she needs to grow. Months ago, if you asked, I would have gladly accepted milk screening kits (testing for alcohol). Today, I find the want and need to be able to feed whatever my body produces to my little one. While some women fight the battle of being able to produce enough milk, I am not willing to waste any by the ole’ pump and dump. I am not sure what my production will be like and, considering what milk production is like, we have chosen not to formula feed. Its just not an option (praying to God).

Looks like my rock star partying is going to have to be put on hold for a bit longer in the rear view mirror while I happily wave Goodbye!




3 thoughts on “The reality of being a mom… well soon to be !

  1. We also decide to breast feed, it is tough at first and I suggest surround yourself with people who breastfed. They will provide you with the support you need to keep breastfeeding. the first week was very painful for me, but it really gets easier after a week. Don’t give up if it gets tough, it is worth it.

  2. I love this! It’s funny cause as I was driving home yesterday my exact thoughts were, “I am not even sure I WILL want a glass of wine after all this…” I haven’t been a partier in quite some time but would gladly have a couple glasses of wine or beers with company or out to I am not so sure. I wasn’t necessarily thinking of it in the selfless way you put it (I was prepared to pump and dump if need be), but it certainly gives me something to think about. Thanks for sharing : ) Samantha is so lucky to have you as a Mom already!

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