36 week bUmpdate


The color of my shirt screams WIDE LOAD…

How far along?  Official countdown has begun . . . 28 days to go! 36 weeks down, 4 weeks to go.

Size of baby ?She is about 18.6 inches long and estimated to weigh about 5lbs 13oz . According to thebump, Samantha is the size of a honeydew.

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes? Most of my shirts are long sleeve and have been set aside for now. Its already miserably hot ( at least to me, I don’t know how larger people do it ). I spend most of my time in leggings, tank tops and whatever dresses I can find that fit me. I don’t find it necessary to purchases anything else besides bras and belly binders (prevention for diastasis recti) for post partum.

Weight Gain: 33 lbs as of Friday.

Stretch Marks? {same} Still searching for them. The ones I thought were on my breast are still questionable…

Sleep? I’m doing okay. I am not miserable like some women make it sound like. I am getting mostly quality rest – just up and down a lot for restroom breaks.

Missing anything? Running, Normal Cloths ( very much ), stomach sleeping,

Craving anything? Nothing. I just want to eat everything I see.

Any sickness? My allergies are full force right now. Trying some all natural stuff, including oil pulling ( more on this later ).

Bump ?Yep ! I am getting tired of people asking me if I am miserable yet. No I am not and I don’t plan on being miserable. I have enjoyed each and every moment of this pregnancy and will cherish the last few weeks of it just being her and I together as one.

Baby Movement ? Yes. She is cramped. Not much room to move in there..


 Belly Button: Its remained in thus far. See for your self. Its been a little over two years since I have removed my belly button ring. The bottom hole (pre-pregnancy) was inside my belly button and now it is out!


Labor Signs: Cramping (period-like) is more frequent. Midwife checked for any labor progression and I am 100% closed with a very soft cervix ( didn’t give me a percentage on my effacement ) . She said she could feel her head. I was recommended to start Evening Primrose Oil for cervical ripening however If she says my cervix is really soft than I don’t think I really need it.

Mood: Happy for the most part. My dogs have started shedding for the summer and it’s just a mess. Hair is everywhere and it makes me cringe. Doesn’t help with the nesting.

Symptoms: Excessive thirst, increased bathroom trips, acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, hip discomfort, knee discomfort and gassy. My knees have started to ache, probably from weight gain. The hip and knee discomfort is the worst part for me. I have had to start doing pelvic exercises to relieve any pain. .If I sit to long my feet swell. Saturday was my first time visually seeing the swelling…


Milestones: Had my last prenatal with my doula. Completed all hospital forms. Finished packing Samantha’s hospital bag ( need to finish mine) .

Happy Bump Day !



6 thoughts on “36 week bUmpdate

  1. I feel ya on the allergies! Mine are awful. I’ve been able to fight it with sinus rinses and aromatherapy though! You’re lucky that you have no stretch marks! My hips have quite a few and they’re starting to spread to the left side of my belly. Boo! If the swelling gets too bad, get a pair of compression socks. They have seriously saved my life. Glad you’re doing well! LESS than a month left!!

    • We had a small cold front blow in last night and it put pollen EVERYWHERE ! Our windows and doors were open for the better part of the night as well . I’m hoping the swelling was because I was super lazy on Saturday 😉 I’m taking a 4 hr drive Friday so I will take some compressions with me ! Thanks for the advice !

  2. I like your response to the “are you miserable” question : ) I find that some people are almost disappointed when I say, “I’m feeling fine” and not listing off complaints…Sure there is always something that may not feel great going on- but keeping a positive outlook on it all, and just enjoying the experience is a great thing! Happy 36 weeks!!! You look great and props on your belly button- I’m 26 weeks and mine pretty much looks like yours 😉

  3. Love your positive attitude! I was worried about the 3rd trimester, because everybody said it is sooo miserable. I felt great!! I was excited to meet the baby but never felt like “I’m done, take her out now.”. I believe positive thoughts will help to have a positive experience.

      • My advice: just take it one step at a time. Nothing can be planned and it most likely will be different than you thought it would be. No matter what, you will be rewarded with a beautiful daughter.

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