35 Week bUmpdate


I feel like all of my bump photos look the same! My fingers look like vienna sausages in the photo… gross. They do not look like this in real life.

How far along?   35 Weeks; 5 weeks ( 35 days) to go. 15 days until FULL TERM !

My grammy has fore warned me there is a FULL MOON on April 15 – which is 27 days away!

Size of baby ?Sammy is about 18.2 inches long and average weight is 5lbs 6 oz . According to the bump, she is the size of a coconut !!!

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes?Nothing new. I am hoping to make it 5ish more weeks without purchasing anything else besides nursing bras and tanks. HOWEVER … it is already so hot here and all my maternity stuff that fits my bottom half is long and smothering. . .  just what a pregnant women wants when she is HOT!

Weight Gain?I haven’t weighed myself since my midwife appt almost 2 weeks ago, however I am sure its creeping at this stage of the game. Last weigh in was 31lbs.

Stretch Marks? Same ! I am 99.99999 % sure the two or three marks on the side of my breast are stretch marks. There hidden AND Im certain these balloons are going to be growing more once I start feeding, right? So why make a fuss about it. I just gonna stick my my coconut oil.

Sleep?Over the weekend I literally got the BEST. SLEEP. EVER, however my husband left for MO on Sunday night and sleep was so~so.  One of the reasons could have been I changed my mound of pillows, and secondly I just hate being alone. My neighbors were out of town, he was out of town, I had to keep my ears ( and apparently my eyes) open for intruders.  

Missing anything?Exercising, Laying on my stomach, Flat stomach,

Craving anything?Still can’t say I have had that ‘ I am going to kill you if I don’t eat such and such craving’. Sweets have been on my list this week. . .  I usually don’t eat a bunch of sweets but damn those people who keep brings sweets to my office. . . . candies, cupcakes, donuts… AHHHHHH

Any sickness? None    

Bump ?Isn’t it obvious ?  

Baby Movement ?Yep. Its weird. I never feel her on the left side … I mean NEVER. I keep getting a sweet and prominent poke on my right side from a heel, knee or possible an elbow. I just take my fingers and tickle the area


 Belly Button:Still an innie… Curious to know if we can make it without it being an outtie .

Labor Signs:Nah   

Mood: Just feeling good and embracing these last few weeks. No grouchiness yet.     

Symptoms: Constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, right hip pain, left groin / nerve pain, pelvic pressure, and a little bit of RLS.

Milestones: Another week down. I washed a few things for Samantha and packed her hospital bag. I started mine but haven’t gotten far..

Looking Forward to: My midwife appointment on Friday. My doula prenatal session on Saturday and getting closer to FULL TERM.


4 thoughts on “35 Week bUmpdate

  1. I hate it when my hubby is gone…he’s done with trips until baby’s born though! Your bump looks great! It’s definitely growing and has a really cute shape 🙂 It’s funny that you never feel her on the right side because I never feel my boy on the left side! I definitely feel his hard butt/back/head (not sure what it is), but all his movements are over on the right. I’m definitely with you on the missing sleeping on the stomach thing…that’s been so hard for me! We’re almost done, though! Final month!

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