Happies and Crappies



My friends Suzy and Wendy hosted a baby shower for me and it was amazing. Every detail was thought through thoroughly. The food, decorations and the games were all so inviting and creative. They definitely put a nice spin on a baby shower instead of the typical boring shower !

I have had a good work week. Good work week being that I made it through with out thinking of taking Friday off, and being too exhausted to finish my day ( like that would matter any ways). I’ve been  looking forward to spending the weekend ‘nesting’ ( cleaning, putting together baby stuff, etc.) getting ready for Samantha to get here.

The weather has been nice here, a bit chilly (50s-60s). This pregnant women is definitely enjoying it. Just wish it would stick around for a few more weeks…

I have been told a handful of times that I look ‘small’ to be delivering next month. Wah-hoo!!! Do you know how much I love that.


We had to put Dons car in the shop and lay an unexpected small amount to have something fixed. Anything these days while saving for maternity leave is too much …

We decided to do our ‘one night a week out to dinner’ last night, and it wasn’t good at all. Lately one of my pet peeves is paying for a dinner that isn’t good or satisfying . Ughhhh !

In a previous blog post, I mentioned how unsupportive some of my coworkers are. I was basically told ( by them) that when I come back not to expect a whole lot of help when I have to take a break to pump milk for Samantha. This really has turned my attitude about helping them, in any way shape or form, into being non existence. I am struggling with this because it’s not the Godly way of handling things and I’m just trying to look past the rudeness and inconsideration they have. It’s hard !

Hope everyone has a great and beautiful weekend ;o)



5 thoughts on “Happies and Crappies

  1. You don’t need your coworkers anyway…what jerks. I’m sorry you have to put up with that. Sounds like they might be jealous??
    Your shower sounds awesome! So great to have such loving and caring people.
    I agree that there’s nothing better than hearing the surprise in people’s voice, “You’re due NEXT month? You’re not big enough yet!” Makes me feel pretty again.
    Hope you get a boost of energy for this next week of work. We’ll both be looking forward to Friday!

  2. kellifer90 says:

    Coworkers can suck, I’m sorry to hear you have to put up with that! The struggle to be a good child of God when people are like that is definitely rough but you’ll find a way to deal with it/overcome it!
    I also know how you feel about money being spent & having a bad meal, those things have been getting to me lately as well.

  3. Can’t believe your co-workers told you that! What a selfish move from them. I hope your boss/supervisor is more supportive than they are. Hang in there!!

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