34 week bUmpdate


How far along?  34 Weeks Pregnant. 6 weeks to go.

Size of baby ?She  is about 17.8  inches long and estimated to weigh about 4lbs 14oz . According to thebump Samantha is the size of a butternut squash. FINALLY getting some good visuals here..

 BabyFruit Ticker

Samantha is head down and putting ALOT of pressure on my bladder. If I wasn’t already spending alot of time in the bathroom as it is. 

Maternity Clothes? Same Ole. Nothing new.

Weight Gain: 31 +/- lbs.  

Stretch Marks? {same} Still searching for them. The ones I thought were on my breast are still questionable…

Sleep? Oh sleep… Sleep is definitely in more of an upright position. I use a total of FIVE pillows to make myself comfortable. I need sleep to get me through the long work days…Side sleeping is getting uncomfortable, occasionally I can get comfortable on my side BUT rare.

photo 2

Missing anything? Running, Normal Cloths ( very much ),

Craving anything? Still no strong weird cravings. I’ve started really wanting orange juice everyday and I still love slurpees and spicy food. 7/11 came out with my favorite sode slurpee…boy was I excited.

photo 1

Any sickness? I have been very sensitive with my seasonal allergies lately. Its miserable. I am not sure if pregnancy makes them worse but its not fun while being pregnant suffering from allergies.

Bump ?Yep

Baby Movement ? Yes. I can tell she is getting cramped.


 Belly Button: It is still more of an innie than an outtie.

 Labor Signs: mild cramping.

Mood: Mostly okay. I am at the point where I would rather stay home and get my home ready for Samantha rather than be at work with moody non-supportive co-workers.  

Symptoms: Excessive (x2) thirst, increased bathroom trips, acid reflux, restless leg syndrome and shortness of breath, hip discomfort. If I sit to long, my hands and feet swell. My hands have started to get numb and tingly at night causing them  to be painful when I wake up. This is not ideal for a hygienist. Constipation is back with a vengeance. Blah !

Milestones: Had a baby shower this past weekend and I enjoyed it VERY much.   

Happy Bump Day !



11 thoughts on “34 week bUmpdate

  1. I think we are due on the same day, or there abouts 🙂 Its funny because I have alot of the same symptoms e.g relux, excessive thirst. You must be so keen to go on maternity leave!

  2. Cherry Coke Slurpees are my FAVORITE! It’s been so cold where I am haven’t had any yet, BUT will def be doing so when the weather turns : ) Wow- 6 more weeks…seems so soon for some one who has 16 to go…do you feel time is flying now?

    • Time flying .. Mmhhhh yes and no . It’s fun to think that it MAY be less than 6 weeks and tough to think it MAY for a little further than 6 weeks . I swear my days are soon long ( when at work) and my time to relax goes so quick .. I am trying to enjoy the last few weeks being ‘together as one’

  3. Hi there! I’m a reader of “For This Child I Have Prayed” and saw your blog link there! Congratulations on your little girl Samantha!!! Sorry to hear that you have moody un-supportive co-workers — that really makes going to work the PITS — but you have Samantha’s arrival to look forward to and to cheer you up! Hope you have a great week!

    ~ Nicole from http://bumpsandbeginnings.blogspot.com/

  4. Your bump is looking good! How can you tell she is head down? I’m having the hardest time figuring out if my guy is or not. I feel your pain with the swelling/exhaustion from working. When do you go on maternity leave?

    • I am working till she decides to come ;( unfortunately do not receive any paid leave . I was surprised to find out she was head down at my last ultra sounds . I just read that about 90% of babies are head down around this time ! I never felt her turn !

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