33 Week bUmpdate


How far along?   33 weeks; 7 weeks to go

Size of baby ? Baby S is about 17.2 inches long. The Average weight for 33 weeks is 4 lbs 7oz.  I had an ultrasound with our fetal specialist this week and we received an estimated measurement, but I don’t think its accurate at all so will share after my follow up visit. According to thebump she is the size of a durian fruit. Not to sure what the is. . .

 BabyFruit Ticker

Maternity Clothes? Actually bought a dress (non maternity) that is comfortable but other than that everything I wear besides PJs is maternity. I am not planning on buying anything else for the remainder of the pregnancy, after all there isn’t much time left!

Weight Gain? Somewhere between 28-31 .. Last week it was 28 lbs at the endocrinologist and yesterday it was 31lbs at the fetal specialist… I will see again on Friday morning at my midwife appt !

Stretch Marks?  My skin is actually doing very well. The sides of my breast MAY have slight stretch marks but it is still hard to tell. I keep telling myself  “ just keep lubing, just keep lubing, lubing lubing, lubing,” ( yes it’s to the tune of Dori from Finding Nemo.

Sleep? I can’t complain about sleep honestly. I am getting (for the most part) quality sleep. She moves a lot in the night but its not painful, just more ‘annoying’. Just think of someone tapping your shoulder while your trying to get to sleep.

Missing anything? RUNNING , flat stomach, my normal clothes.

Craving anything? Not a thing jelly bean !

Any sickness? None

Bump ? Yep

Baby Movement ? Constant. I get a few breaks. . . but hey ! I prayed for a moving baby and I was given that. I can’t be more thankful for her moving constantly rather than not. Keeps me sane I tell you !

Gender: GIRL!  

 Belly Button: Mmh VERY VERY shallow, pretty flat, some parts in and some parts out.  I told my husband “at least I have an opportunity to clean out the bottom of my belly button  .

Labor Signs: Little cramps. Not Braxton hicks

Mood: I have had an okay week. Besides the news from my fetal specialist ( will share another time) and having a melt down on the phone with my doula, It’s been good !

Symptoms:  Mild period like cramps, excessive thirst, excessive bathroom breaks, acid reflux , restless leg syndrome, hip discomfort ( definitely have the waddle down – I used to wobble but now I waddle hahaha )…

Here is the wobble :

Milestones: Finished our birthing class. Started doing prenatal visits with my doula <–I LOVE HER! You may think I am crazy with an F for saying this but she has ALREADY given me so much support I am actually looking forward to labor and delivery!!!!

Looking Forward to: Seeing my family this weekend. Having my first baby shower.

Today I got two amazing comments , thought I would share …
— looks like you have a table top to set your diet coke on??? ( my boss said that LOL) I sat my diet coke on my belly and said not near a table top !!!

— You are huge girl, are you gonna make it to the due date?? WOW, I thought I looked smallER compared to other 33 week pregos I see, Oh well !




One thought on “33 Week bUmpdate

  1. We had a growth scan this week and the baby’s weight was estimated to 1 lbs. Hahaha, not sure why they don’t double check before they send the report to my doctor. Later on was told she is about lbs, sounds better!

    My girl is barely moving, she does a little wiggling in the morning and a little at night, which is ok for me, but sometimes I worry, especially when the doctor asks if she is moving well. I have nothing to compare it too.

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