Questions to our Midwife

Because we are planning on having a non medicated delivery, we have come up with a list of questions for the Midwifery group. The list was derived from the hospital questions we asked along with a lot of research we have put in about having a non medicated birth and the things we wish to happen. Here ya go.

I hope this helps any first time mom and dads out there who also wish to have non medicated birth.

How comfortable are the midwifes with natural births?
How long will I be able to labor naturally?

Am I able to avoid having an IV upon entering, and have a Hep Lock instead? Would you approve me for not have anything if I stay hydrated ?

How often do you prefer to do fetal monitoring? Do you allow Wireless monitoring  ?

When do you do / how often do you do vaginal checks during labor?

How long do you recommend I stay in the water at one time? Do I need to get out for monitoring?

How much will you be with me throughout my labor?

Are you comfortable working alongside a doula?

How long will you allow me labor without induction?

When would you recommend induction?
Do you use natural induction methods first ( preferred )

How long can I labor without medical intervention after my water breaks?

Will you allow the baby to deliver in the caul?

If my baby does go breech can an ECV be done to see if that baby can be turned?  If the baby is head down but not in the optimal position can you help adjust her while in labor?

When do you feel amniotomy is indicated?

What is your episiotomy rate ?
Will you give perineal support before an episiotomy ?

At what point are retrieval methods used (I.e. Vacuum, forceps, ) and do we have an option of not using these?

How long do you allow for delivery of the placenta? When do you cut the cord? Will you allow natural delivery of placenta?

Happy Tuesday



3 thoughts on “Questions to our Midwife

  1. This is great! I want to try my best to go with out medication or intervention- all of your questions will be helpful for me to ask! Can’t wait to hear about your experience (if you will be sharing). 🙂

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