Our hospital questions

We recently did our hospital tour and we were THAT couple who had our list of questions in hand. Honestly, I didn’t care What anyone thought. There is a lot expecting families should know that isn’t told to you, especially with natural births. You may even find out that your delivering hospital is not keen on natural births. I thought I would share our list of questions. Our doula joined us for the tour and I am thankful for that. Here is our list of questions and hopefully will help someone make their list.


Are we able to obtain a copy of patients rights and responsibilities?
Are there any situations that may take me away from my husband and doula?

Are there any restrictions on who is allowed in the room during birth?
How many people can be with me?

How comfortable is the hospital with natural births?
How long will I be able to labor naturally?

Do you require hospital gowns ?
Are we able to wear our own clothes?

What analgesics are used for pain management other than an epidural?

If epidural is used , when is the deadline to receiving one?

If no epidural is needed am I able to avoid having an IV upon entering, and have a Hep Lock instead? Or nothing at all?

Can I eat and drink during labor? At least water ?

How often are you fetal monitoring? Wireless monitoring available ?

Can I walk and move around during labor? Am I just allowed to walk around my room? If I can walk around elsewhere, where would I be able to walk?

What positions do you allow mothers to give birth?

What birthing tools are available? Birth balls, birth stools, etc?

Are jacuzzis shared or private?

At what point are retrieval methods used (I.e. Vacuum, forceps, ) and do we have an option of not using these?

How does the hospital support breastfeeding?
Lactation specialist?
Available everyday?

What percentage of women here have c-sections?

Can I have my child immediately placed skin to skin after a c-section?

Can I choose to breastfeed immediately after a c-section?

Will I have to share a room with another family during postpartum?

What is your policy on baby care immediately after birth? If my baby needs to be checked, weighed, or placed in a heater – will he be taken out of my room? Or will the examinations take place in my room?

Are there specific hours for visiting?

Does the hospital encourage the baby rooming in with the parents, or do they encourage the baby to stay in the nursery?

Is there a CD or MP3 player in the room for labor?

What time of day does discharge generally occur for vaginal delivery ? C-section?


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