31 week bUmpdate


My shirt is not inside out, just sheer. Clearly I need to cut the tag out. That is a per-pregnancy shirt 🙂

How far along?  Third Trimester! 31 Weeks down. 9 weeks ( 64 days  ) to go!!!   

Size of baby ? Baby S is about 16.2  inches long and weights 3lbs 9oz. According to thebump Samantha is the size of a pineapple….Yummm and ouch at the same time.

 BabyFruit Ticker
Maternity Clothes? My pre-pregnancy scrub pants are out of the question starting this week. I wore a pair on Tuesday and just did not do it for me. I own a pair of black maternity pants I have thrown in the mix for work and I went and bought another pair yesterday to add to my work collection. No more pre-pregnancy pants. Made it 31 weeks, I can’t complain about that .

Weight Gain: My last weigh in was 25 lbs.

Stretch Marks? At the beginning of this week my belly has become very itchy…belly growth which leads to possible, future stretch marks. I have started oiling and using lotion 2 x a day now!!!

Sleep? Off and on. I am up about every hour going to the bathroom; I may wake up and can’t go back to sleep for another hour or two. 

Missing anything? Normal clothes, adult beverages, sleeping on my stomach, flat belly

Craving anything? Nothing really. Slurpee!!! Frosted flakes (( haha Just kidding ))

Any sickness? None    

Bump ?Yep

Baby Movement ?Kicks, punches, rolls, shakes. Getting them all and I love it…


 Belly Button: Shallow and almost flat. If I cough it pops out and back in… weird !

 Labor Signs: I THINK I had Braxton hicks contractions one day. My tummy tightend and released very quickly multiple times each lasting a few seconds. Almost feeling like a body part putting A LOT of pressure on my tummy but when touching the area the body part doesn’t move.

Mood: This week just irritated and super uncomfortable. Work has started to become miserable and I just want to stab my eyeballs out. I think to myself how am I going to clean teeth for two more months???

Symptoms: Excessive thirst, increased bathroom trips ( how is this possible ), acid reflux, restless leg syndrome and shortness of breath ( I have had several patients comment on my breathing, I guess it is really starting to affect me ).

Milestones: Hired my doula :0) and I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am about this. I love her already!!

Happy Bump Day !



5 thoughts on “31 week bUmpdate

    • Thanks . I was just reading your blog when you commented . . . I wish I was able to go ahead a leave my
      Job early … It’s so tough and labor intensive ( while being pregnant ), I am so miserable by 2, lunch break doesn’t even recoup me ! Aye !!!! Happy 34 weeks to you 😉

      • Hahaha, yeah, my husband was the first to realize mine is getting to the top. All of a sudden one day as I was changing he’s like “whoa! What’s up with your belly button?!” I looked down and was horrified. Now I just laugh. : ) I am REALLY hoping this all goes back to “normal” after…fingers crossed 😉

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